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I have a huge library, filled with rare books and some modern books, most have esoteric knowledge or specialized business/computer information in them.

I rarely bought a book that cost under 50 bucks, and many costed me well over 100 bucks to acquire. The rare ancient texts costed thousands per copy.

Before Amazon or Barnes & Noble even knew what an eBook was I was having millions of them downloaded from my network starting the mid 1990’s. The first couple of years it was RTF/TXT files and then PDF became the main eBook platform.

After almost a year ALLOWING Amazon and BN to distribute our catalog of eBooks in the inferior Kindle format, I will give my honest opinion AMAZON SUCKS. They suck at selling eBooks at prices that a publishing company can operate on.

Sure, an Indy author in the beginning of Kindle/Nook phenomena may have sold many books and even at $.99 cents if you move enough of eBook files there’s millions to be made.

Well guess what Amazon and BN, publishers that don’t churn out Five and Dime Novella’s who try to actually put out information that may be read more than a month down the road in human history do not sell MILLIONS of books, they never have and never will.

Quality books are not sold by the ‘Millions’, pulp is, brainless fodder for the sheeple to entertain themselves with.

So while the herd of sheeple in the world love to take a kindle or tablet to bed and masturbate under their sheets with .99 cent tripe that is nothing but digital pulp aimed at the prurient interest in almost all of humanity, the people that actually READ books and look for knowledge and or esoteric information will not find it in .99 cent bargain bins or free downloads USUALLY at Amazon or BN.

I KNOW  A LOT about SELLING ebooks and giving them away in large numbers, the reason is I’ve been doing it for almost 20 years across a large network of content sites designed to steer people around to niche markets of interest we publish in. UFOS, Nostradamus, modern seers, gutter journalism, New Age stuff, etc.

None of it has the mass market appeal of a steamy Romance or soft porn eBook that dominates the top of Amazon and BN lists.

Fiction is what sells to the masses, real information is not what people like to read, at least not the masses. The average person is content to do their menial job, then cuddle up in their bed with their digital porn they got for free or .99 cents on Amazon or BN and masturbate.

Yeah, people masturbate almost daily in many lives and they do it now with digital aids. LOL

Now Amazon has been a flea market for almost 20 years, just like eBay is, it’s where you sell crap you should be throwing away, but hey, one persons trash is another persons treasure right.

So PDF is technically superior to both Kindle and Nook, trust me here, and if you think a kindle is great to read, get a tablet and download a real eBook done in PDF and if the ebook has Hebrew or Greek characters in it since the book may be a reference work for LITERATE MINDS that can read Greek, Latin and Hebrew since that is where the source material for western thought was created over 2,000 years ago, a Kindle cannot even show a Hebrew or Greek character properly. It has to be image files, none of the character sets work on kindle for ancient languages. At least they didn’t the last time we tested some around 6 months ago.

That’ s why a lot of our titles never even made it to Amazon, Kindle cannot display the works properly and PDF has properly displayed the ancient characters for almost 20 years.

Now if we were pushing .99 cent tripe for people to masturbate to under their sheets, okay, Kindle would work, you don’t need a massive network of sites to FIND your audience and then market PDF or Videos to them for a price you can make money on, which is not .99 cents for content that is not mass appeal masturbation files like Amazon and BN distribute.

We tried various pricing points on Amazon, .99 cents, 2.99, 9.99.

If you DARE to go above $9.99 Amazon punishes publishers and takes 70% of the sale, instead of giving the publisher/author 70% which they do at prices under ten bucks.

So Amazon dictates pricing for Kindles, and KINDLES SUCK, an iPad is way better and so is PDF.

Now CHEAP people love Amazon and they love eBay, but heck who doesn’t love a bargain.

So bargain users are what own and read with Kindles, the lowest of the low in the sheeple pyramid, IN MY OPINION.

So after almost a year of trying to see Amazon and BN try to do what I have done successfully for almost 20 years, I have helped the company I founded and NO LONGER run, make the best decision they have ever made.

SELL THE EBOOKS OF ADONI PUB THROUGH ADONI SITES and get what the books are worth, which is $29.99 for general non-fiction, and $49.99 for proven esoteric authors and $99.99 for rare facsimiles and business information.

The guys/gals that sell books on SEO or eBook Promotion on Amazon have no real knowledge, if they sell their wisdom for .99 cents. I honestly believed $9.99 was way too cheap for real knowledge in business in niches that are not mass appeal niches like prurient pulp is. Face it the niche of SEO or SEM is not mega millions of potential sales.

So now, Adoni will be repricing all their eBooks on Amazon and BN, Adoni will make what it sells the ebooks for on the Adoni Network which REALLY SELLS QUALITY EBOOKS IN PDF FILES and has for almost 20 years.

So a book Adoni can sell for $29.99 will be priced to make $29.99 on Amazon so that means a $99.99 buck pricing point on Amazon. Hey, maybe they will sell some books at that level, I don’t care, if we can’t get our $29.99 for these books, we’ll just sell them ON OUR OWN DISTRIBUTION NETWORK, remember I was doing this in the mid 1990’s, selling eBooks. I honestly don’t need Amazon to sell ebooks.


Likewise the $49.99 eBooks Adoni sells will now be $150 bucks on Amazon so we MAKE OUR base price we make ON OUR OWN DISTRIBUTION NETWORK.

The business books we can sell for $99.99 will be $299.99 for Amazon to sell it, and at these exorbitant prices we just make what we make as if we sold it on our own network.

We sent a ton of people to Amazon and BN to buy cheap Kindle and Nook copies, why? We have a better product (PDF) and our own distribution base and network.

In other words we don’t need Amazon nor Barnes and Noble to sell eBooks and as far as numbers go, iTunes is not where you sell eBooks, music sure, but eBooks are sold primarily through Amazon and BN. But we do sell them and for our type of catalog, esoteric and paranormal books as well as conspiracy related topics, we sell the books without BN or Amazon.

I have always led the digital wave of ePublishing, now that I’ve tested Amazon and BN, I am warning other Publishing houses, Kindle sucks in quality, a PDF file like a Kindle file can be read on almost any device now, kindle books need apps to be read on laptops and tablets. The overall quality of a kindle file SUCKS, PDF is better.

PDF was designed for large screens and works great with most mobile devices people READ BOOKS on, that being tablets.

Books may be bought via a kindle app on an iphone but they’re not read IN MY OPINION, the reading is done on tablets.

And both Amazon and BN sell tripe in huge numbers, that’s the .99 cent prurient interest novella’s that people masturbate to.

While empires have been made in the gutters of porn and smut, Adoni Publishing was founded to preserve esoteric works for millennia, not to be masturbated to under the sheets.



My 2.5 CENTS.

Sol Adoni

PS The whole review system at Amazon is a joke as well, 99% of the reviews are fake IMO and the rest are jealous authors or publishers that trash others hard work. So reviews mean nothing on Amazon.

PSS Amazon knows our titles SOLD THOUSANDS of dollars worth of eBooks and unlike the mass appeal pulp they sell, the titles sold mostly at $9.99 and they should of sold well above that. For some reason Amazon refuses to let the public set the price for quality ebooks. So see if you can sell $29.99 eBooks for $99.99 since you will not be allowed to sell our $29.99 eBooks for only $9.99 anymore.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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