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Amazon’s Con Game Over

The Great Crash of Amazon Stock

If you doubt I know the future, I can provide links to time stamped warnings posted to Usenet that predicted the exact timing of the .com bubble collapse at the end of 1999 and the global meltdown of 2008. Here’s some news articles about how accurate I am when I discuss stock values.

247 News Global Crash warned of by Sollog (Dr. Adoni)

Now that date can be faked, the reason is the date is controlled by 247 News. What cannot be faked is the TIME STAMPED Usenet Post where I warned we were about to have a GLOBAL STOCK CRASH months before it happened.

Time Stamped PROOF I predicted Crash of 2008

As you can see from that link it was released publicly and TIME STAMPED in Usnet on 10/31/2007 just before the 2008 Stock Market Crash occurred.

Here is how I warned of it


What goes up... Must come down
The CRASH of STOCKS around the world
Fortunes GONE in a blink of an eye
Traders shall commit SUICIDES

The reason Amazon”s stock will soon crash and burn is simple, it’s not a tech company and the clown running it Jeff Bezos is not a tech geek and he is nothing but a financial CONMAN.


CEO Jeff Bezos is not a tech genius he’s a dummy and front man for financial con-men that are about to see their con-game called Amazon destroyed by an investors run for the door that leaves Amazon in shambles.

I’m 55, I created lots of real tech companies over the past 4 or so years all selling digital solutions or software and today my IP assets are all tech related. My nonprofit organization controls all the IP assets I created in 5 decades of being a real technology creator and developer.

First, all hardware in technology is obsolete by the time it reaches consumers. Hardware without software is nothing. Software is the true genius of technology.

Bill Gates didn’t invent the software he stole that was used to create the giant software company that became Microsoft.

Q DOS was what Bill Gates stole for his client IBM. Gates found a loophole in his deal for Q DOS  in that he could license the rights to Q DOS and not violate a no sell clause in his contract for Q DOS . BIll Gates father was a lawyer, my father was one of the pioneers of real tech in the 1950’s that made IBM.  MS DOS was Q DOS and 99.999% of you reading this that aren’t tech guys didn’t know that fact that MS Dos was Q Dos and it was STOLEN by MS.

Now, hardware made Q DOS aka MS DOS create a technology boom in the 1980″s. Later Gates again stole something  to allow MS to keep growing a software company as more powerful hardware needed an easier and friendlier and ore powerful OS (Operating System) so the world of non tech dummies could use all this great new powerful hardware that was being created in the middle 1980’s  and the general public could not learn command line prompts that tech guys know.

Enter Windows, it was stolen by Gates from Apple who stole it from Xerox labs. In technology you have a few real geniuses that envision the software that makes all technology work. Before MS DOS existed you had Q DOS and it was created in the 70’s as well as the mouse with a dummy icon based OS was invented in the 70’s by Xerox. In the middle 1970’s  I was walking around some of the cutting edge NOC’s with the real geniuses that created the stuff later stolen by Gates and Jobs to give us our modern world that is filled with our modern technology.

Now we have a complete non-tech conman named Jeff Bezos in charge of Amazon and dummies aka investors, think its a tech company.

What made Apple originally was a geek named Woz, he was the hardware brains behind Apple and Jobs was the front man that got investors to turn a garage tech startup into a legit company. Woz and Jobs realized a lot of geek coders that weren’t hardware geeks would buy assembled ‘computers’ and the Apple was born.

Then Mac came along with a stolen idea from Xerox labs for no command prompts in an OS (Operating System) with a mouse. The first mouse I ever saw wasn’t even a mouse it was a small box filled with tiny metal pins that all flowed to pressure from your hand. It looked similar to the pin box novelty Sharper Image stores used to sell that you could use to form temporary images with by pressing your hands or face into the pin box.

I saw this device in the NOC my father ran inside 1 Chase Plaza in the summer of 1976. The same summer IBM had Wang in the room where my father was teaching the first SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) to the first generation of legal secretaries to use the first legal word processor ever created.

Wang was there to copyright ever word my father said, it became the first manual for the software Wang later made billions off of. My father was a pure genius as am I and my sons are now geniuses as well.

In the NOC at 1 Chase Plaza that Summer in 1976 I first theorized HelixQ a 6 dimensional computer language that I wrote about in my book Hologram Universe. I saw the advanced hand manipulating device in that NOC that later morphed into a cheaper mouse device with buttons and a ball. I saw icon based software being played with since it was found that teaching legal secretaries command prompts was next to impossible.

First all the legal secretaries were all chicks and back then every tech geek was a guy and we all knew you couldn’t teach chicks real computer logic and command prompts. LOL (I loved the male chauvinism of that era).

Anyway, later that year I hung out in some think tanks where the beginning of the internet was starting as ARPAnet a DOD project in case we got nuked. The DOD needed a way to communicate since the thinking at the time if we went to war with Russia was that  ICBMs would strike all technology centers  which was basically any big city where ATT had offices.

So some think tanks started to be used to communicate using TCP/IP and the first info hubs or the first BBS (Bulletin Board Systems). What is today known as the Net began in this era. (The first server used was in 1969 and by 1976 it had almost 60 IMPs or servers, most in THINK TANKS).

Now fast forward to 1995. I was retired for the 3rd time by then, after having created 3 different software companies from the 1970’s into the 1980’s. In 1995 Gates is publicly explaining to the world that the next version of Windows 95 (Windows 98) would be fully integrated with the new ‘commercial internet’.

He was describing IE or Internet Explorer. So eventually I invest on my first day of being involved with the Commercial Net in over 1,000 domain names. It was at NetSol or Networks Solution the CIA controlled company that made billions for lots of ex CIA spooks that ran the parent company of NetSol.

That was SAIC or CIA’s backwards. Back then a domain name was $100 USD for 2 years so my first day in the Net game was a $100,000 investment into just domain names.

Later my company would invest in many servers and my company would have lots of programming in the future. A kid I hired, who was still in High School, to create scripts to simplify creating thousands of websites inside Linux. The kid later used those scripts I paid for to create cPanel the top interface used today for companies to easily automate the Linux commands needed to run a server and domain name website. His name is Nic.

Around 1995 or 1996 is when a non tech geek named Jeff Bezos was forming Amazon by dragging the initial book orders that Amazon had to the post office, I was creating hundreds of early websites to sell the books I started to write when I retired in the early 1990’s. Books about stuff I like such as UFOS, math theories I created, ancient history and lost civilizations and even Nostradamus.

I formed one of the first eBook portals and we soon had distributed over 1 million eBooks on the Net.

Now fast forward to today, its 2016 and Bozo the  clown, I mean  Jeff Bezos, is being hailed as a tech genius. LOL give me a break. He was a guy that realized he could sell books on thin margins from one warehouse online with his ugly crappy site Amazon and undercut eveyr bookstore in the world. That is what Amazon was and it was the core of their business for years selling physical books. Eventually Amazon sold so many physical books and other crap that he had to start running lots of warehouses.

Around 1998 I went to Jeff Bezos and Amazon and explained I was selling lots of eBooks and I wanted to sell my eBook CD’s of my top titles in his Zshop or Zmarket or whatever the heck he was calling 3rd party sellers back then. He literally said, “What’s an eBook?” Hence from that time forward he was Bozo the clown to me.

Now, I hate hardware, its obsolete as soon as it is produced. I hate physical sales you need too much outlay in physical stuff to really sell stuff that people can touch and consume.

I loved creating and selling IP over the years. IP is intellectual Property. Software is an IP asset. Domain names are an IP asset. Book rights are IP assets as are music and film rights. You create a digital file of a book, film or music and that digital file is an IP asset.

Well Bozo the clown had lots of users buying physical books so not long age Amazon threw a switch on Amazon and Kindle files were born. Now Amazon controls over 90% of eBook unit sales market.

He hired lots of badly paid and terribly treated coders to create the tech Amazon uses now to distribute stuff THEY DID NOT CREATE ,that’s all the books they sell and even the music and videos they sell now as downloads.

So today Amazon has a division known as AWS or Amazon Web Services. This is where the GREAT CON GAME of Amazon begins. Before Amazon got into being the distribution hub for all the IP or digital media files they now sell, Amazon couldn’t pull off the huge con-game they have now pulled off.

First, Amazon has never been a tech company, we make huge profits. Apple, MS, Google, etc.  Are all highly profitable real tech companies. The reason is we deal in digital IP rights. We create digital files or programs to make hardware technology useful. Apple was first and foremost a hardware tech company. MS was and is a software tech company.

Amazon was created to sell books cheaper than bookstores,that was the thing Bozo envisioned on Day 1 of his career on the Net. Sell books cheaper than bookstores. Bozo did that so well he destroyed the retail book industry. Try to find a bookstore you used to go to, most are long gone and out of business. You can thank Bozo or Amazon and Walmart for that. Apple has now surpassed MS as the most valuable tech company in the world since they figured out a way to monopolize music files downloads via iTunes.

For over 20 years Bozo has conned  investors into thinking Amazon was a tech company. They have never and will never be a tech company. Sure they use the net to sell lots of stuff but they are not a tech company. It’s why they fail over and over if they try to create any technology. Bozo has no true tech genius so he will never create a program, OS or any software. What Amazon uses on their kindle and store was not created by Bozo the clown, it was created by low paid mistreated tech employees. Just search for all the gripes coders have with Amazon, there’s a plethora of unhappy employees in the wake of Bozo the clown creating his tech empire.

Even Bill Gates could code a little, Bozo never created one software program that made money.

Now Amazon did try to create some physical technology such as the Fire phone. How did that do Bozo? Its now out of business.

Now, Amazon does have the Kindle but most kindle books are not read on Kindles and the Kindle has a tiny market share compared to better tablets such as iPads. Even though Bozo refutes this FACT that is compiled by resellers that show how dominant other tablets are in sales compared to the crappy Kindle line of tablets.

What Amazon does have are lots of really stupid people that gave Bozo the clown the power to control over 90% of the eBook sales market. They are the dummies that run the big publishing companies like Carol Reidy of Simon & Schuster and John Sargent of MacMillan.

These dummies did not need Amazon to sell their IP assets the eBook files created by the dummy authors stupid enough to still give big publishers the rights to their IP assets which are the great books they write.

It’s 2016 every author should have a website and every author can sell their books from their own site. When they go on tour promoting their books they can all easily just say go to the authors name .com to buy my book. They can easily sell the eBook files and keep all the money on what is now 70% of books being sold, which are eBooks. They can link to their publisher to sell the physical book or to a POD (Print On Demand) company if they were smart enough to do so.

Publishers can sell books from websites and authors can sell their books as eBooks from their own site.

Where does the need for Amazon come in?

Oh they sell more books than anyone. Hello, it’s 2016 and most books are now sold as eBooks. Around 70% of all book units sold are now digital files that no one needs Amazon to sell. These files can be viewed on all eReaders since they can now all display PDF files a superior eBook file to a Kindle or Nook ePub file.

Authors you need to retain your eBook rights, sell publishers the hard to sell item physical books. Authors you will not be paid what you really make from the sale of your books by eBook files by having Amazon sell your eBook files. They have no audit system in place. Amazon cheats authors in my opinion based on my experience with them. Authors that are famous can keep all the money an eBook file makes IF they distribute it themselves.

New authors create a website for your books and your pen name. Do not give Bozo the clown the exclusive rights to your work in the Amazon SCAM known as Select. Put your book on Bozo’s site if you think you must but retain the rights to sell it on your site and other sites.

In your eBook files create full page ads promoting all your books and link every book ad in your digital files to your sites. Your shopping cart tracks ever person that buys your books from you. Those are your fans. Create your own email lists of your readers to sell your new books to. You can even offer FREE copies of the first edition of a series on shopping cart and force users to join your site to get THE FREE EBOOK files you give away to find new readers.

Amazon has conned every publisher and author into thinking they need Amazon to sell eBooks and books. You do not need Amazon.

Now Bozo is using fraud in his financial reports to create the final con of Amazon, the great stock value fraud of Amazon.

Bozo uses FCF (Free Cash Flow) to show fake values on his financial reports or books. Bozo refuses to reveal real numbers in the Amazon financial reports for important things like how much of the 100 Billion in yearly sales are digital files. Remember,  Amazon is not creating the digital files they sell, the dummies giving Amazon their files create the content that is a major part of Amazon gross sales of over 100 Billion a year now.

The fact is Amazon illegally holds the money of authors and publishers for up to 90 days when the state law that covers the money transmitter license they have state as a LAW that it must be paid in only 10 days.

Imagine what would happen to Amazon when the state of Washington says PAY THE AUTHORS IN 10 DAYS stop using their money to hide the fact Amazon is bankrupt.

Amazon is also creating financial fraud by using FCF values since most of the money they are using in these scam valuations are leases for hardware for AWS now.

Sure, when they had to expand years ago with physical warehouses that could work in regards to FCF but AWS is supposed to be a tech company, only its not, it’s in the low priced non-profitable industry of cloud services most tech companies have abandoned due to it is not profitable. You have to update hardware and software constantly with companies like AWS and when you sell services so cheap to dominate that industry your assets are not even worth what they show in bogus FCF valuations.

FCF is not how you value real tech companies. Real tech companies control IP Assets they have patents on so they make lots of money with no heavy investment in physical stuff. Real tech companies like Apple and MS all had or have huge PROFITS and Amazon doesn’t have that.

Tech companies usually have huge P/E ratios due to THEY MAKE PROFIT and have future growth potential.

Bozo will never make the profits that real tech companies make it’s why he is conning investors with FCF valuations.

Business 101, a business with flat growth is worth 8 times their profit or earnings.

Amazon might show a profit of 1 Billion that means it is worth 8 Billion unless they will have huge growth potential. Huge growth in real tech companies is 500% to 2000% growth or more a year, not some minor increase in income as Amazon has.

Today Amazon trades at P/E ratios that a startup tech company could justify if it had high profits on small income and huge potential growth.

Amazon has huge income but it costs them too much compared to a real tech company since all the digital stuff they sell BELONGS TO OTHERS.

So Amazon makes a small margin on all the digital eBooks they sell and then they have to steal the real owners money for up to 90 days by not transmitting the sales to THE REAL OWNERS OF THE STUFF THEY SELL the authors and publishing companies.

So what if Amazon makes a lousy 200 million to 1 billion on sales of 100 billion, so what! Their profit is tiny for a real tech company and their income won’t go up 1000% this year so their future profit will be minor and it is usually a LOSS. Amazon has lost a fortune the past 20 years, it’s a FACT.

The main reason that Amazon will soon have their stock fall greatly is the FACT that they are hiding from investors the DEBT they OWE to authors and publishers of all the digital files they sell. If you put the MONEY DUE TO AUTHORS & PUBLISHERS onto the financial reports of Amazon the illegal 90 day float of NOT PAYING ROYALTIES PROMPTLY as the Washington State MONEY TRANSMITTER License LAW says it must pay such debt within 10 DAYS and not 90 days which is the GREAT AMAZON SCAM. If they properly reported this DEBT OWED TODAY then the small 1 Billion profit they are showing is wiped out.

Amazon is in my opinion COOKING THEIR FINANCIAL BOOKS by not showing properly exactly how much of the 100 Billion they sell is in digital sales owed to authors and publishers.

Since I started bashing Amazon around a month ago their over valued stock has already lost around 25% of its value. Yet their value is still a gross 425 to 1 P/E ratio.

Let’s compare that to Apple a company worth twice what Amazon is worth as to stock value. Apple’s P/E is around 10 to 1. Compare that to the grotesque value of Amazon at 425 to 1.

Now compare that P/E value to Microsoft, it is only 30 to 1 as is Google another company worth twice what Amazon is as to book value it’s P/E is only 31 to 1.

No one can justify a 425 to 1 P/E ration on Amazon’s stock. NO ONE CAN JUSTIFY IT.

Amazon doesn’t even own most of what their scam FCF valuations claim. They now use mostly leases and all the FCF investment money now is going into obsolete hardware for AWS.

Here comes the Great Stock Crash of Amazon.





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