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Amazon Sucks – Select Sucks

KDP Sucks – Jeff Bezos Sucks


At first I thought the Amazon Select program with KENP may be a huge success for Indie Authors and small publishers. See my post last month about our initial entry into Select it is KENP Great for Authors.


We tested it around Christmas with 5 new titles and all did okay, nothing great, but okay. The average KENP was over 1,000 pages read per day.

So we put another 90 or so titles into Select and now we are suing Amazon for BREACH OF CONTRACT, the reason is simple, Amazon is now either stealing our royalties are KENP is a complete failure.

As I mentioned earlier with almost 100 Titles in Select now, and everyone is a large work with most of it well researched non fiction and some fiction is in our catalog, but most of it is NF, our average KENP dropped after I went public criticizing Amazon for many reasons such as how KENP figures are almost non-existent outside of the USA and UK and a few random page reads from India. The drop was 99% or so, each title now gets 10 page reads daily to 20 or 30 on a good day. The test period showed 5 titles for weeks getting an average of 1,000 page reads daily PER TITLE.

So 5 titles did over 5,000 KENP reads a day for weeks, then I criticize Amazon over how lousy their KENP numbers are outside the USA and UK they just don’t exist. I then expand my Select catalog up to 100 or so titles and now instead of 1,000 page reads per title we are between 10 and maybe 45 on a good now.

So maybe Amazon is just stealing my KENP? There’s no third party verification in Amazon for KENP and none for sales as well, every publisher and indie author must TRUST Amazon. It’s why I am now SUING AMAZON as well as for a few other reasons that make me say AMAZON IS A SCAM.

Well I have ZERO TRUST now for Amazon and will be suing them for intentional harm and or theft of my royalties. The huge crash of my royalties coincides with my public bashing of Amazon for a few things such as banning my math books and a book on the historic Jesus as well as my new Time Travel fiction series.

Then I bashed them for having no KENP figures outside of the USA or UK, they suck at global exposure for a title. I pointed out that Amazon obviously has no real subscriber base for KU or Kindle Unlimited outside the USA and UK.

Now my KENP figures are 95% to 99% of what they were before I outed Amazon for being a joke in regards to KENP.

Now I have the FINAL PROOF that Amazon and Select and KENP are an absolute failure for authors.

100 titles we have in Select and Amazon says yesterday 9 Titles had KENP in the USA and 8 Titles had KENP in the UK and pretty much ZERO in the rest of the world.

Now my authors sell a lot of books, usually on 1 eBooks, BN and iTunes and some on Amazon. Right now we have almost 100 Titles of well written and well edited books in the SCAM known as Select and it generates what, 10% of the titles have KENP so far this month? And 5% of our titles had some sales.

Amazon YOU ARE A JOKE, you are either targeting our titles by not promoting them fairly or plain just old stealing our royalties.

We will be pulling our titles out of Select, IT IS A SCAM.

You can sell eBooks on lots of platforms other than the SCAM that is Amazon.

Sure years ago when Amazon first started promoting Kindles and KDP and Select a tiny amount of Indie Authors lucked out and became Amazon authors, meaning that a large number of Kindle users became familiar with these now successful authors, successful usually only on Amazon since most have not crossed over into the real publishing world yet.

If you are a wanna be author DO NOT USE SELECT.

It is not worth the exclusivity penalty you must give Amazon.

Amazon is SATURATED with crap, absolute garbage parading as ‘books’ and they cannot promote all the authors and small publishers giving them EXCLUSIVE rights to distribute their titles.

I still say create your own channel for your work, use social media and even internet marketing to PROMOTE YOUR WORK as an author. Get a blog and develop a mailing list.

Have your books on lots of channels, Amazon without Select, BN, iTunes, Smashwords, etc.

You can offer your titles for reduced fees or even free on many channels besides Amazon. Amazon won’t give you free exposure unless you commit to Select and KU and it is a FAILURE.

Sure Zon has a price match bs thing, but, developing your work and fan base is how all authors grow as a writers. Getting reviews in major media is a huge thing to promote a title and new author. Getting on the Bookbub site is a huge boost for new authors today.

Getting your books sold to old world media is great too, they have the infrastructure to promote books and authors.

Being a great writer is only half the battle of being an author. Authors still need Agents to help get authors exposure in major media and if a new author can land a major publisher company, these dinosaurs all still have the ability to get books reviewed in major media, etc.

eBook PROMOTION is a key to getting any author EXPOSURE as a writer. Relying on just Select is a FATAL MISTAKE and I have the numbers to PROVE SELECT is a complete failure for almost every title. Sure a few titles might get lucky, but today such titles have an outside influence to propel it on Amazon. Enrolling a book into Select as your ‘marketing strategy’ is prone to be a major FAILURE.

Luckily I’ve been SELLING my eBooks now for over 20 years and I have a huge NETWORK in place to sell my titles. I don’t need Amazon to sell books and testing Select with 100 titles was enough of a TEST to tell the world. AMAZON SUCKS.

I honestly gave Amazon a chance to show me what they can do for Indie Authors and small publishers. IT IS BULLSHIT, so do not waste your time with Select. Why did my first 5 Titles do so well on Select compared to the next 90 or so? Well let’s see how Amazon responds to that question in COURT since I am suing Amazon for MAJOR FRAUD in their KDP program in regards to how they promote titles and if they STEAL ROYALTIES.

The whole eBook industry has a major problem there is just not any checks and balances in place to keep Amazon, BN and even Apple from committing FRAUD on Authors and Publishers.

For years the publishing industry had only one FRAUD issue, an old world publisher used one of the Big 8 Accounting firms to AUDIT their numbers. See how many books they contracted to be printed, what titles and then they balanced sales figures.

You give an eBook file to Amazon or one of the other ‘eBook Distributors’ and you now are in a ‘trust’ position with no outside audits. PERIOD.

I do not trust Amazon or Jeff Bezos, they are THIEVES as I reported in my column as to how I caught them SCAMMING all Affiliates. So if they use FRAUD to not pay affiliates commissions why do you think you can trust the SCAMMERS that run Amazon with your royalties.

I have a new eBook Network  operating as 1 eBooks and it was created TO HELP ALL AUTHORS and even all PUBLISHERS do one thing, SELL EBOOKS by promoting them on my site and pushing our traffic to authors sites and publishers sites so THEY CAN SELL THEIR OWN FILES.

We operate a FREE FORUM where any author or publisher can POST FOR FREE about their Titles. I do not want your eBook files, I do not want to distribute them or sell them.

I just want to help writers find an audience free of the current eBook cartels. None of us ‘need’ Amazon or BN or iTunes. We can create a website for almost nothing today with WordPress a FREE community project that is a great CMS (Content Management System – CMS) and then you can put links or a shopping cart even to process orders for FREE with companies like Paypal.

Sure Amazon has lots of eyeballs but they don’t have enough eBook readers willing to BUY EBOOKS. Amazon is now a discount crap free black hole abyss.

Sure you need to be on Amazon, but do not TRUST them and do all you can to steer people that download your titles to a website YOU OWN and then you can work off your ass to promote your work. Get it reviewed in major media, get it reviewed in local media, get on local and national media. Have a way to respond to your fans on your site.

USE AMAZON to PROMOTE your site and then SELL YOUR BOOKS on your own site.

That is the only 100% way for any writer or publisher to GET PAID all they are due for their titles.

As I mentioned I am developing an alternative for all authors and publishers to PROMOTE their work and Titles for FREE, just post about your Titles in our FREE FORUM. It autopilots to Twitter and if you put a #Hashtag such as #Fiction or #Romance in the Forum Post it will be at the top of Twitter for a while for that publishing keyword.

The reason is I’ve been on the Net SELLING EBOOKS for over 20 years so I have MAJOR KLOUT on social media and now I’m allowing any author or publisher to use my KLOUT for FREE in my forums.

Just visit my Forums at 1 eBooks Forums and start to promote your own websites. Don’t waste your time promoting Amazon on my Forums, the idea is for authors and publishers to WEEN themselves off the parasite that is Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

We also have another FREE FORUM at 1 Book Review so use it to promote your Titles. All of these FREE FORUMS can help authors promote their work. The reason is, the more Authors and Small Publishers use these FREE FORUMS I created, the more content Authors and Publishers will create that will be indexed by major Search Engines and also the new posts will feed the social media accounts of the FREE FORUMS. This can create new promotional channels for Authors and Small Publishers to get away from the current cartels of eBook Distributors such as Amazon.










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