Amazon and Jeff Bezos under WA AGO FRAUD Investigation

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By Dr. Sol Adoni

Amazon Scams
Amazon Scams

Amazon Scams

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Say HELLO to the Washington State AGO Jeff Bezos, I caught you red handed in a MASSIVE FRAUD that has greatly increased the profits of Amazon for the first time in its long history of RED INK.

While I don’t support the opinions of Donald Trump much, even the Donald outed Amazon and Jeff Bezos along with the Bezos owned Washington Post as a TAX SCAM in a recent Tweet prompting Bezos to respond he would be happy to send Trump into outer space on one of the bozo rockets of Bezos.

Amazon has been called a major fraud often on the Net, just search for Amazon Fraud. The main reason is the high stock value of Amazon a company that has lost money most quarters it has operated in for over 20 years and the total profit of Amazon as of 2014 was under 2 Billion profit in almost 20 years of existence.

To say Amazon’s stock value is highly over valued and based on pure fraud is the main thrust of most that view Amazon as a fraud along with Jeff Bezos. The bullshit ‘Free Cash Flow’ crap Amazon pushes in their financial reports to investors is viewed as a Ponzi scheme by some Amazon skeptics.

I strongly urge every affiliate that has been SCAMMED by Jeff Bezos and Amazon as they did to me, to FILE A CRIMINAL COMPLAINT with the Washington State AGO Consumer Protection Division.

Below are my documents that PROVE I have filed a major CRIMINAL COMPLAINT on Jeff Bezos and Amazon today with the WA AGO.

Here is how Amazon has used FRAUD to SCAM ne and thousands if not millions of affiliates out of well earned COMMISSIONS.

Check your Amazon Affiliate account and it may say like mine does ACCOUNT CLOSED.

The account was used to send TRAFFIC to Amazon for years to earn commissions on items we write about that are sold on Amazon.

So today my staff wanted to put affiliate links on some sites that are about books we sell on Amazon. So we make a royalty from the sale and then we can earn commissions by getting people to buy not only our products but other products and also to join Amazon programs such as Kindle Unlimited.

While my company is not that ‘big’ compared to say a Big 5 or 6 Publisher, in small publishing we are a nice sized company with over 100 titles in our back-list and over 1000 ISBN’s in our arsenal. We now have around 100 titles in the great Amazon KU program.

So we have lots of our network sites starting to ‘push’ our traffic to Amazon to JOIN KU to read our books for FREE since that is a perk of being a KU member.

So why would Amazon CANCEL my affiliate account? I spent some time in CHAT with Amazon and have the log of the chat and the person said it was for not verifying I am COPPA compliant which I am.

I said really, we are COPPA compliant, so why are we canceled?

They said they sent ‘notice’ by email.

I checked my emails and NO NOTICE.

Then I checked SPAM and sure enough the Amazon ‘notice’ was in SPAM. Why did the notice go to SPAM? Easy Amazon intentionally wanted the notice to go to SPAM so they could cancel mine and thousands if not millions of affiliate accounts. The reason I KNOW THIS is that Amazon used a SPAM TRICK in the email address they used in the bogus notice, they put DO NOT REPLY as their email address so any spam filter would route it to SPAM and the affiliate would never see they had to verify COPPA compliance or lose the account.

Now I caught this scam pretty quick, it’s only a couple of months since the account was canceled. Amazon was quick to say I can reapply and get a new affiliate nnumbe, but I said no, not unless AMAZON PAYS ME FOR LOST COMMISSIONS and also to REPROGRAM all the pages with my old code.

I explained after seeing the Amazon SPAM email using a SPAM ADDRESS of DO NOT REPLY that I thought Amazon was out to SCAM AFFILIATES by routing the notice to SPAM so many affiliates would be canceled and then Amazon owes no commissions to people and companies they paid for YEARS as affiliates.

So unlike some other dirty Amazon actions that targeted me, this dirty trick by Amazon to COMMIT CRIMINAL FRAUD  on thousands of affiliates is easily seen by the email they sent with DO NOT REPLY in it.

Amazon can easily just turn back on the canceled account but they won’t and the reason is they know many canceled affiliates will never recode dozens, hundreds and even thousands of pages with closed account code on it.

Millions of people are now going daily to Amazon buying things and AMAZON IS NOT PAYING THE COMMISSIONS THEY OWE TO AFFILIATES.

No wonder Amazon is finally making a profit, they figured out how to FRAUD their huge affiliate base.

So if Amazon canceled your affiliate account report Jeff Bezos and Amazon to the Washington State Attorney Generals Office for Consumer Protection at

Here is the direct link to file a CRIMINAL FRAUD COMPLAINT on Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

Now this is a potentially HUGE CLASS ACTION on Amazon and today I spoke to one of the rare breed of attorneys that got a SETTLEMENT against Amazon in a CLASS ACTION against them over more Amazon Abuse. That was the Booklocker V. Amazon Class Action. So now the lawyers involved in that have directed me to attorneys to see if a new CLASS ACTION can be started against Amazon on this OBVIOUS FRAUD besides the CRIMINAL COMPLAINT I filed today.

I also have a potential CLASS ACTION against Amazon since they are intentionally HARMING every Indie Author and Small Publisher on Amazon by not paying us a full royalty on eBooks priced over $9.99. That is the illegal pricing ceiling Amazon set as a MONOPOLY to intentionally HARM Indie Authors and small publishers. You see Amazon is said to control now 90% of all eBook sales. That’s a monopoly. They recently gave ‘sweet heart’ deals to the Big 5 or Big 6 publishers (depends on who you quote) in regards to the Big Pubs can set prices above $9.99 and earn the normal royalty of 70%. That means Amazon is helping the Big 5, already monopolies in the publishing industry further monopolize eBook titles on Amazon.

Here is how it is done. An author submits a book to me and I like it and I say here is our contract, we will price the book at X (always $9.99 or less since we want 70% royalties) we will promote the title and split royalties on all sales. We recommend new authors use Select since it has many advantages. They say to us why only $9.99 I see Author Y is selling their eBooks for $14.99, can’t I get a percentage of $14.99?

We have to say sorry, we’re a second class publisher in the new ghetto of small publishers created by Amazon via their sweetheart deals with the Big 5/6 Pubs. So go to the Big 5/6 and split 70% of $14.99 since we only earn 35% at $14.99. Amazon has effectively decided what publishers can sell at prices above $9.99.

So Amazon did that deal INTENTIONALLY with the Bit 5/6 Pubs and now me and a whole ‘class’ of Indie Authors and Small Pubs have to keep our eBooks priced artificially lower than the Big 5/6 pubs.

That means Amazon is CHEATING all Indie Authors that could command over $9.99 for their work and also small publishers with titles that could easily sell for over $9.99.

When a monopoly harms an industry and those in that industry, they are violating anti-trust laws. Amazon can argue all day they’re not a monopoly but they facts are they are a monopoly and they have created another monopoly within Amazon of whom gets to sign authors that have works that can command over $9.99 on works.

Well some nitwits will say so what, price your works at what you want, so what Amazon takes more of the sale. Well that’s not how they treat a small amount of fellow monopoly companies those being the Big 5/6 publishing monopolies.

So now I’ve filed a CRIMINAL FRAUD complaint on Jeff Bezos and it is below. I will be having lawyers sue Amazon and Jeff Bezos for not only the damages to my affiliate account with them, but to the damage to my publishing company that can’t complete with the Big 5 on Royalty payouts to authors.

I am also suing Amazon for targeting my own books with BANS recently since I like to write abut how EVIL Jeff Bezos and Amazon really is.

Amazon decided to take off Amazon some of my MATH BOOKS and BAN my new religious work on Jesus.

That is what Amazon and other MONOPOLIES DO, they control the industry I am in and now I’m using my knowledge of the law to bring on the WA AGO to investigate THE FRAUD that Amazon really is.

These are books BANNED by Amazon that I wrote.

I TIME TRAVEL book series that are sold now at I TIME TRAVEL.

Math books now sold at

Prime Algorithm

Bitcoin Algorithm

CIA Project Bitcoin

1,000 Page academic work on Jesus sold at

JESUS God? Satan? Or Hoax?

My demands are simple Amazon and Jeff Bezos.

  1. Unban my books
  2. Pay me like the Big 5 publishers my normal royalty of 70% on any title I sell for over $9.99
  3. Reinstate my affiliate account

Dr. Sol Adoni

Here are images to PROVE I filed a CRIMINAL COMPLAINT with the WA AGO over the affiliate FRAUD SCAM recently committed by Amazon.

WA AGO Notice on Amazon Criminal Fraud
WA AGO Notice on Amazon Criminal Fraud
WA AGO Notice on Amazon Criminal Fraud
WA AGO Notice on Amazon Criminal Fraud

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