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Amazon Screws Indie Authors AGAIN

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Authors and Smaller Publishers that rely on Amazon’s MONOPOLY eBook Distribution Channel known as KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) saw their author’s royalties in KENP fall once again as Amazon twists Indie Authors and smaller publishers by lowering KENP every month almost since it began last summer.

KENP is what Zon (Amazon’s nickname to many in the Publishing Industry) pays Indie Authors and Small Publishing companies.

Small Pubs are publishers outside the other MONOPOLY in book publishing that being the Six Sisters, who are now re-branded the BIG 5 of Publishing. The largest publishing houses in the world where old farts or dinosaurs such as Carolyn Reidy should have been FIRED many moons ago.

KENP in a short 6 months has now fallen around 25%, it started out near .0060 cents per KENP (A Kindle Page Read); KENP is determined by Zon’ Kindle software  and it tracks how many pages all of their Kindle Unlimited subscribers read of an Title that an Indie author or small publisher has trusted Zon to MARKET EXCLUSIVELY.

KU subscribers can read all the books they want for FREE Iin the Delect Program F they give Zon a lousy $9.99 a month. So Indie authors and small publishers earn royalties by the page read in KENP a program started last summer when KENP launched replacing the old Amazon royalty scam of paying authors per BORROW. That system was badly  abused by churn factories that dump title after title into Zon at low rates hoping to produce titles that dummies borrowed so they could get $1.30 or so from a borrow of a garbage title they couldn’t even sell for .99 cents.

We didn’t bother with the old system since we have quality titles often with 500 to 1,000+ pages of well researched and well written and well edited pages in our typical title. Zon is filled with crap, the .99 cent crap that is usually plagiarized or spun short works parading as books.

Now we did put dozens of books into Zon’s new KENP program expecting the KENP had fallen to an area where it stabilized for a couple of months around .0048 per page (just under half a cent a page) after it started at a much higher KENP of .006 range.

Well here is the latest KENP inside the main market the USA and it was a lousy .0046 per page read.

So Amazon is SQUEEZING Indie authors and smaller publishers as they can do in their MONOPOLY position as a book seller and eBook distribution channel.

Overall, I know Indie Authors and small publishers NEED to use Zon and Select and KENP, but the MONOPOLY POWER of ZON and how they are now squeezing Indie Authors and small publishers by the 25% drop in KENP is why I am now speaking out again AGAINST ZON and Jeff Bezo’s, they are the EVIL EMPIRE in my world. But I have praised KENP as a fairer system for authors, but it’s not perfect and the falling KENP payouts is why I’m now bitching so publicly about it. Oh, and Zon is now banning many of my new books for NO GOOD REASON other than I’m a thorn in the ass of Jeff Bezos.

Wait, you don’t think Zon is a MONOPOLY, there’s Nook’s and iPads right, so you don’t need to use or buy kindle books.

As the chief judge in an international court I can assure you AMAZON IS A MONOPOLY due to one thing, MARKET SHARE. This was the same thing Bill Gates argued and lost in the 1990’s when the US Legal System put Microsoft in their cross-hairs and found them GUILTY OF MONOPOLY PRACTICES. A monopoly has the power to set market prices and even FUND their losses in a market to take over a market and put competitors OUT OF BUSINESS. Their sheer size gives them an unfair advantage in doing ‘business’ and dictating how ‘business’ in any industry is run.

Now one could argue as Amazon tries to do by saying their Nazi like business tactics help the consumer by giving them books and eBooks at the lowest possible prices. Well the consumer might enjoy reading unlimited books for only $9.99 a month but the authors of books in this program and smaller publishers are all suffering from the Nazi boot heel of Jeff Bezos and his MACHINE that keeps Indie authors and small publishers in the food lines at your local food bank.

The ‘average’ author at Zon earns LESS THAN $500.00 a year and many have large backlists of books or catalogs and have yet to see a decent monthly check delivered to them by Zon and they will never see a decent wage.

Sure a very small percentage of Indie authors lucked out and started with Zon in its infancy selling eBooks so they reaped the reward of trusting Zon with their titles. The main thing Zon demands is EXCLUSIVITY from Indie Authors and small presses. If you want the Amazon MONOPOLY smiling it’s bright spot light on your titles in their completely CONTROLLED search engine results pages that favor Select titles and authors they also SELECT to promote in Zon SERP’s (Search Engine Response Pages), you may have earned an okay wage the past few years on Zon and the beast called Zon parades these few and rare exceptions to the norm at Zon in regards to what Indie authors and small publishers can really make on Zon.

Apple has monopolized the Music Industry, Google has Monopolized the Search Industry and Amazon has Monopolized the Publishing Industry in both print and eBooks. Just try to find a local bookstore to buy a book in your neighborhood. Oh, you didn’t notice they all closed when Amazon began selling books cheaper than any local or national chain of bookstores could and Amazon had no problem subsidizing huge losses in selling both books and eBooks cheaper than anyone else and MONOPOLIZING the entire publishing industry.

Now when Apple tried to break the MONOPOLY of Zon, they got hit with an anti-trust suit by the morons in the State Department in New York City that didn’t like how the Big 5 and Apple had colluded a while back to RAISE EBOOK PRICES to pay their starving authors more. Even the Big 5 publishers have SLAVE WAGES for writers since the average author at the Big 5 only earns around $5,000 a year, it’s why authors often choose to live in 3rd world countries where 5K a year can keep you filled up with 3rd world booze, cheap prostitutes ad cheap living flats. But who said writing would be a real living.

Sure you have a few media darlings that had their 15 minutes of fame by being featured in other monopolies such as the New York times or LA Times as a featured BOOK and then they hit the TOP SELLER LISTS the next week since humans are conditioned to believe the PR they see in the NYT and LAT and WP.

So the Big 5 controlled the wanna be writers in the BIG MEDIA with perks for choosing their new author that week to be a RECOMMENDED READ and then the new Big 5 puppet goes on tour doing all the BIG MEDIA shows selling a crappy book not even worth reading let alone worth buying.

So the Big 5 and the BIG MEDIA existed in a back scratching world, the Big Media needed clowns to interview and the Big 5 had lots of clown authors to parade around.

Then the Net happened and ‘new media’ popped up and companies began to sell PDF eBooks and all of a sudden the Big 5 Publishing machine had a cog loose.

Then Zon said let’s put bookstores out of business, let’s sell the Big 5 titles cheaper than any book seller could ever hope to sell a book for. So Amazon single-highhandedly destroyed local bookstores and even destroyed chain bookstores.

Then they released Kindle and now they control probably over 70% of all market share of eBooks.

I hate this, since my eBooks sold for years for $19.99 and $29.99 and some really obscure work sold for even $99.99.

Hey, I didn’t make billions in selling my eBooks from 1995 until today and those of other authors in my various imprints, but we sold a lot of eBooks without Zon over the years.

The fact is Zon controls the vast majority of the publishing industries markets fro both print and digital now.

They may argue go sell on your own site (I do that well) and they may argue BN has Nook and Apple has iBooks go use them.

Well the prices you can sell on these channels are effected by the low prices on Zon. And now we have Zon telling authors and small publishers look we are the KING OF THE PUBLISHING INDUSTRY and if you want to be featured on Zon and be pushed on search pages you need to be EXCLUSIVE and if you do that, you cannot sell on BN or iTunes or your own site, and when we force you to be EXCLUSIVE you agree to give our $9.99 subscribers all your exclusive titles FOR FREE and we’ll dole out some minor .006 KENP fees for any pages the KU subscribers read. Well now that KENP royalty has hit .0046 and it keeps DROPPING due to one reason, AMAZON IS AN MONOPOLY and authors and small publishers need to finally sue the fuck out of Zon and Bozo the Clown, I mean Jeff Bezos.

I’m now being targeted for bashing Zon and Bezos so much since old titles of mine that had math theories in them that the NSA don’t like to have on the Net were recently BANNED by Zon.

Here is the 247 News article on how Zon is now banning my books.

An almost 1,000 page work by me on the fact that Jesus didn’t exist historically was also banned by Zon.

You can get it at JESUS God? Satan? Or a Hoax?

My new 10 book series about TIME TRAVEL is also banned by Amazon. You can get the books at i TIME TRAVEL.

This series is a new hybrid genre where it is basically nonfiction but we are introducing real stories about TIME TRAVEL to the public as fiction with a warning, this book is NEW REALITY BASED FICTION, it is real but so futuristic and unconventional your brain needs to read it as fiction in the hope you wake up and take the RED PILL and see the Matrix our own reality is really based upon.

Also banned by Amazon are my books with my future math theories in them such as 30 Mod Prime Theory that was released by me over 20 years ago and stolen by the NSA to back-door all modern encryption.

The books are at

Prime Algorithm

BItcoin Algorithm


As an international JUDGE I can assure you that the weight a Judge must view the issue of IF Amazon is a MONOPOLY is simple. The legal weight is this.

A. Is the company big enough to dominate market share in their industry? (Amazon has over 2/3 of market share in eBooks)

B. Are the companies business practices used to deter fair competition and control prices in their Industry? (Amazon is guilty of this)

AMAZON YOU ARE A MONOPOLY and it’s just a matter of TIME before you are taken to court over it.

I think I need to add a chapter to my new book Amazon banned on Jesus, I’m sure I can twist some letters in ancient language alphabets using Kabbalah and Gematria to show JEFF BEZOS or Amazon in ancient languages was really 666.


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