Amazon BANS 3 More Books from Adoni Publishing

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3 More Adoni Publishing Books

LOL so another religious book I wrote PROOF GOD is now banned by Amazon. That’s 13 Books they have banned, most written by me. A business book about Credit Repair was BANNED as well and even poor old D.E. Alexander had his famous ROSWELL THE PROOF eBook banned.

Amazon bans books
Amazon bans books

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I can’t wait to get the little squirrel Jeff Bezos in a deposition or on the stand in my case against Amazon.

Hey Jeff I told you dummies a while back I WAS STANDING ON MY SELECT CONTRACT you moron. The reason Bezos is I am SUING YOU.

Amazon is a FRAUD and SCAM COMPANY and here is my page dedicated to all the AMAZON FRAUDS AND AMAZON SCAMS.



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