Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ZERO FUCKS

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bug Eyed
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bug Eyed


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ZERO FUCKS

By Dr. Sol Adoni


So I saw some disinfo this morning on my news feeds, that kinda cute young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Only 29) who is now a US Congresswoman from the state of New York, said she gives ZERO FUCKS about pissing off older Democratic leaders with her positions on political issues.

Before this, about the only exposure to AOC I had (AOC is her cute Twitter handle that shows her foresight to grab 10 years ago a rare 3 letter Twitter Handle), was a couple of videos lampooning her moronic answers to things she has no clue on such as when someone asked her about her Middle East views. It was the funniest attempt by a politician to try to spew an answer even though they have no real opinion or knowledge about the Middle East. She basically said ISRAEL was OCCUPYING PALESTINE which denies Israel’s status as a nation. Can you believe one of her majors in College was International Relations.



So in anticipation I watched the actual video of her alleged vulgar remark and guess what, she said no such thing. It was totally taken out of context, but yet she engaged in a late night sophomoric exchange with host Cobert when he asked, “So understanding you’re from Queens, can you give me on a scale of zero to 10 how many FUCKS (bleeped partially) you give about Senior Democratic Politicians basically saying to wait your turn to do anything on Capitol Hill.” AOC just held up her hands to show a big fat ZERO sign meaning she gives ZERO FUCKS about pleasing older democratic policy makers. So while not saying directly with her heavy New York City accent ZERO FUCKS she did participate in a this off-color exchange on late night television using body language that indeed she gives ZERO FUCKS about what more seasoned political leaders in her party think.

While she has a degree from College and if I remember right it’s in Economics or some bullshit degree like that, in reality to me she is not really a great mind that will lead her generation anywhere other than to a bankrupt future which is already here for the vast majority of Americans.

But she has a couple of good points in her political handbag.

Yes, it’s morally bankrupt for 26 mega-billionaires to own more wealth than the bottom half of the world’s population and wealth distribution is indeed a hot topic around the world and the heart of the Yellow Vests movement in France is based on this issue.

So cudos to AOC for being in my opinion on the ‘right side’ of that issue, how do we force the wealthiest in the world who have created this modern techno jungle world we live in to actually share some of their phenomenal wealth?

AOC advocates the way too low $15 an hour minimum wage which is in place now in California and being discussed in Florida, well my position on that is clear the real minimum wage needs to be $30 an hour for people to live above the real poverty line in the USA, so she’s not really understanding the cost of living as to what the poor wage earners need to earn to make ends meet today.

Healthcare is a mess, the whole system needs to be scraped and federal guide lines put in place so emergency rooms cannot charge anyone including insurance companies hundreds of dollars for things such as an aspirin. Just look at the detail on an emergency room visit and you will be shocked to see cheap low cost items like band-aides and aspirin are charged to the tune of hundreds of dollars, it’s obscene the billing in US Hospitals today. So while she just says expand medicare a US Government insurance program the real answer is make it illegal for hospitals and doctors to over charge patients. Responsible billing is the answer and since the medical industry refuses to do it themselves, regulate health care COSTS and make health care once again affordable for everyone.

I know what doctors are allowed to bill medicare and medicaid for services, it’s public information if you know where to look, and it’s a fraction of the rates they charge private insurance companies. Health care is the biggest scam going.

AOC’s position on Federal Jobs for everyone is defacto communism, let everyone work for the ‘party’ and nothing gets done. So that AOC position is out of whack.

AOC’s propsed 70% tax rate sounds noble until you realize that would kill the last few years that the US economy has left before it totally collapses. Why would anyone invest in the USA to only have to pay high 70% tax rates. When such high rates are in place the rich get tax lawyers and find loopholes anyway, the best economic years in the USA were the go go years of I CUT TAXES Ronald Reagan. It worked and led to the go go years of the tech startup windfalls made by investors in tech companies of the 1990’s. The best tax system is probably a nationwide flat tax on items purchased, it’s never been tried in the USA and it is the fairest in my opinion. 70% tax rates is just non-sense. A 10% flat tax on the nearly 30 Trillion USD economy would mean 3 Trillion for the government and that’s enough in my opinion, if you can’t run this country on 10% of the GDP you’re too big.

Now the best position she has is on forcing the USA to go green on energy but giving it until 2035 is not fast enough, make it green NOW is my motto and as the founder of GREPA a global plan to give the world FREE CLEAN ENERGY I say DO IT NOW.

As to her ‘prophecy’ about the end of the world being only 12 years away due to global warming, well the fact is a huge asteroid strike is near and 99.9% of humanity is killed off and it is being done by higher intelligence to save the planet and all life on earth.

Now if this was 10 years ago and AOC was 19 and IF she was working in a strip club, I’d of been one of the first guys rushing the stage to paste her petite body up with dollar bills. LOL I mean 18 to 22 year old petite long haired brunettes is my favorite thing in the world next to hanging out with my two sons. Exactly what my personal look is. Well at 29 females start to open their mouth too much so I prefer the younger females that don’t talk too much yet since they’re still forming opinions on how the world works. By 25 they start to talk too much and by 29, they just won’t shut the fuck up.

I also don’t really like the loud and dumb types with a heavy NYC accent no matter how young and skinny they are. So that heavy NYC accent gives me a limp dick anyway.

I’m not impressed with AOC at all, the only thing that is impressive is she is very young to have her political position but she has no real substance in my opinion.

AOC is now too old for the twitter twits, while her 2.5 Million followers is impressive in the world of Twitter it’s nothing. The Kardashians have more klout than AOC on Twitter. But Twitter is perfect for lame brains, AOC and The Donald are perfect for it. 140 or so letters to say nothing is what Twitter is about. it’s perfect for the zombie generation glued to their dummy phones and AOC and Trump are what you get when politics is reduced to 140 letter bullshit tweets.

As I said when I was first exposed to AOC last year in a video where she was speaking like a moron about the Middle East, I instantly had a vision that her biggest feat will be tied to her notorious sex tape in the future. That’s what I see when I look at AOC, a future sex tape news byte that ends her political career or will it infuse her and make her as big as Kim Kardashian on Twitter.

I’m sure there has to be some real sleazy videos of this twit since she grew up in the age of cameras on dummy phones. So let’s see AOC when she was drunk at college or drunk at a friends bachelorette party. That’s the image I get in my mind when I look at her, a nasty sex tape just waiting to pop out.

That’s the way my mind works, I see something associated to people when I first view them, and that’s what I see about her. I rarely have this type of impression, but it fits her to a tee.

What do I know about the future?

My PROPHECIES are world famous as SOLLOG and the way it works is I see someone and bang I get a flash of an image of their future. So SEX TAPE and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez go hand in hand in the future, the only question is how soon does it happen.


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Article on AOC and how only a year ago she was just a BARTENDER, nothing wrong with the job but that’s her level of qualifications people.

All right not exactly a sex tape of AOC but a promo video for her college featuring her dancing like a nitwit. I thought Latina’s had rhythm, she looks like a white girl dancing very badly. Cute little spinner she was in this nearly 10 year old video of a 19 year old AOC shaking her ass.



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