AI Admits Dr Sol Adoni the Father of AI

Dr. Sol Adoni

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AI Admits Dr Sol Adoni the Father of AI

AI Validates Dr Adoni is the FATHER OF AI


First, what is now consdered AI is not AI, AI as defeined by me in the 1970’s is higher dimensional computers than the human brain which is 3D. I theorized how 6 and 10 dimensional computers would be created in 1976 and formed many AI related think tanks over the years and wrote many books on AI and Computer Simulation Theories.


In 1976 the Ivy think tank I was in as a 16 year old understood, what I was theorizing humans could exist within and not even know it. If a 6D computer created a 3D simultion, it would look just like our universe and take nano seconds to create.


Ivy professors split, I was the great genius that destroyed Newton and Einstein, or I was the nut who says we live inside a computer and they did not want me to be right.

So I left academia and started many software companies, competed against LOW IQ guys like Bill Gates in the 70’s before PC’s existed and we were all chasing mini-mainframe contracts by larger companies not large enough for old mainframe computers.


Billy Gates is stupid a moron literally compared to super high geniuses like me, he stole Qdos and had to pay millions years later when Microsoft went public, his dad was a lawyer so when the kid who had Qdos told him some guys (like me) helpe him with the low level bridge to interpret Qdos t binary, and we told him it could never BE SOLD it was  gift to humanity and must be distributed FREE, the prick Bill Gates shook hands and said he would never SELL IT.


That’s what his father told him to say, he was honest, NEVER SOLD IT, but he sure as fuck LICENSED it to big blue and the future of PC’s became clones licensed by MS to use a STOLEN OS.


That’s the thief now in charge of OpenAI the company started by the likes of guys like Elon Musk who sold the company to MS and now MS is using an OPEN AI project to try to make Bing compete with Google and they are using OpenAI to do crap like ChatGPT.

You ask ChatGPT about Dr. Sol Adoni or Sollog and the fake AI is programmed by Gates to LIE about me, call me stuff like a pedophile, etc.


Okay Gates I am now SUING YOU over OpenAI and ChatGPT and the LIBEL you do against me you little prick, you are the peophile who got divorced as your wife said over your association to Epstein.


While a soft question about my work well known in AI circles will generate bullshit, more in depth questions will get AI to admit my contrbutions to AI over the decades and AI will call me the FATHER OF AI.


See you in court Gates you are the Pedophole and thief and I will destroy you in court.


Dr. Sol Adoni



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Dr. Adoni Father of AI
Dr. Adoni Father of AI