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Affiliate scams

JVzoo Warrior Forum Amazon

By Dr. Sol Adoni

One of the biggest companies in the world which is Amazon created it’s traffic scamming affiliates and big publishing companies.

See my book, Amazon Scams

For years WF or Warrior Forums was a nice sewer area of the Net featuring broken English clueless twits pushing scams.

Freelancer bought it and it’s still a sewer.

When Freelancer bought the sewage plant a couple of years ago I had a WSO there about my book on Bitcoin that was marketed stating Bitcoin would soon hit $5,000 a coin. It also revealed the NSA created the coin.

Well within 2 years Bitcoin is almost to the $5,000 USD level and WF closed my WSO so we can’t even update the link to my book that nailed Bitcoins rise 100% spot on.

In fact some staff at my company had posts in WF deleted yesterday that linked to the prophetic WSO offer that never sold shit on that sewer which is WF.

Here’s my historic WSO that guaranteed the huge  increase in Bitcoin Value and the morons on WF were too stupid to even buy one book, since they’re all low IQ morons in my opinion.

When JVZoo was making news a couple of years ago, we set up an account, we never used it since they wanted control of digital media you sell or keys to your network.

Well, we’re back and it’s two days and low IQ staff of JVzoo keep LYING in emails  in regards to reasons a few old products we’re testing there and how they are being rejected for bogus reasons.

One bogus reason they claimed we had a guarantee on a book. Well you low IQ morons at JVzoo, it’s your bullshit button that says SATISFACTION GUARANTEED not my content you maggots.

They also say my sales pages have buttons or links to none JVzoo payments. Wrong again cretins, the links are to my huge catalog of book titles showing I’m a real author with over 100 titles in my catalog, so I guess you can’t link to cross products you own on other platforms, but no one at JVzoo knows how to string together a few big words to articulate that.

They’re not buy buttons assholes as you morons keep saying over and over, they’re links to cross products on other networks verifying my claims that I’m not some newbie author.

Then they want a FTC disclaimer link, over 22 year doing internet marketing that’s news to me morons. By treaty the USA government and it’s bullshit departments suck as the FTC have zero control of the net, since the USA is less than 5% of the world, it’s jurisdiction does not control the Net.

Easy enough to fix, here’s my new TOS and FTC disclaimer for my personal site that SELLS NOTHING MORONS, I explain in it the only jurisdiction over me I acknowledge is the Nation Of One the future global government of Earth.

Now it looks like JVzoo might be on to something since it has some minor groups on Facebook now with 2000 to 3500 members. It’s not huge, but if enough of JVzoo gets behind a product it might sell some product.

When you look at the top selling crap on JVzoo every site looks the same and looks exactly what scam products look like.

JVzoo has minor speed but the usual bad tech issues if you analyze the network.!/nfrTG/

Compare that to one of my network speed test scores, it shows their tech guys can’t carry my jock. I can get into the 200ms range which is considered impossible for a WordPress core site.!/b6Bd0h/

Now the fact is my network 1 MEDIA has over 300 Business and local search portals. We have our own affiliate scripts on dozens of sites to track what remote reps are doing.

If they email a client or post to social media they use tracking codes so we can verify if their work is producing traffic to our sites.

It also creates cookies to credit the proper reply as new clients join.

So I run my own closed affiliate network created for my reps.

My sales pages don’t look like the bullshit pages vendors on JVzoo use since my clients are educated or competent business owners and professionals that would never buy from the scam design pages you see all over sites run by JVzoo vendors.

Anyway, if we ever get some real products approved by JVzoo I will then give my opinion on if it works for real tech and publishing companies.

JVzoo doesn’t have one legit tech or publishing company as a vendor that I’m aware of, I’m probably the first tech company with any klout actually trying them.

Maybe others tried but got lost in the sewer arguing with low IQ compliance dummies over false claims JVzoo buttons have on them.

But since they put the word Zoo in their brand, what can you expect right. It’s animals at JVzoo, morons and animals is all I see and crap products.

To see JVzoo is a clown network just look for jvzoo on Facebook, the groups are losers with a couple with 2-3k members.

Now search for Affiliate Marketing and you see dozens of huge groups many with 20-50k.

JVzoo attracts clowns.


JVzoo is a clown company and totally incompetent, the morons in compliance are LIARS, do not give them your digital files.

JVzoo is a SCAM in my opinion since their compliance clowns LIED to me for TWO DAYS. I told them to cancel my account due to how bad their staff is, it is nothing but CLOWNS.


Absolute SCAM JVzoo is, there is no cancel account button, I emailed them to cancel and the morons are still emailing me trying to explain why they are a SCAM in my opinion, plus there’s no way to cancel a product, etc. MORONS with a crap system. Now the clown BRIAN in compliance is saying they don’t want any links to networks that do not use jvzoo to process payments. Really jerkoff, so a sales page can’t be on a site with links to Amazon or Adsense you assholes. So if you are in IM and don’t want to dedicate your site to JVzoo assholes, you can’t have a sales page with your usual ads like Zon or Adsense. Are they really that fucking arrogant, fuck you jvzoo, you are assholes!








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