Adoni eBook Trident Launched to Battle Amazon

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Adoni eBook Trident Launched

To Battle Amazon

As my fans know I AM AT WAR with Amazon suing them for the way they have banned some of my books including math books and religious books.

They are also STEALING MY ROYALTIES and I have PROOF.

So Jeff Bezos this is DAY 2 of the Net the day when Authors and Small Publishers realized they can sell LOTS OF EBOOKS without Amazon.

To HELP AUTHORS and other small publishing companies SELL BOOKS I have created and launched what I am calling the ADONI EBOOK TRIDENT.

It is three well aged eBook domain name sites that all have powerful KLOUT Social Media accounts that any author can now use for FREE on the 3 sites that make up my eBook Trident so they can start to steer traffic to their own sites to SELL EBOOKS and keep all the money they make without having to give the monopoly that is Amazon even one cent.

Authors and small publishers just visit the three Adoni Sites below and set up a FREE Account so you can start posting threads about your eBooks. LINK TO YOUR OWN SITE not Amazon is all I ask.

My sites all have powerful KLOUT SOCIAL MEDIA accounts they maintain that are on auto pilot to automatically post FOR FREE any new titles authors or small publishers create FREE THREADS about.

Due to the KLOUT we have in social media your new thread within the hour will be on a major page on Twitter and other social media sites for your keywords such as your GENRE.

Just post a new thread about your eBook and then check Twitter for your GENRE in an hour. Just put a hashtage in the posts header such as #GENRE where the Genre is what type of eBook you are promotiong such as #romance #fiction #sciencefiction etc.

The Adoni eBook Trident FREE FORUMS are at:




Welcome to DAY 2 of the Net Bezos, it is the day you see authors and small publishers start to kick the ass of Amazon.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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