ABC Lawyers WAKE UP Google is Cyber Squatting on your TM

Dr. Sol Adoni

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The hubris of the exes and legal department of Google to register and use is a gross violation of TM law and the sooner ABC American Broadcasting Company SUES Google the sooner the world can forgot about the worthless .xyz TLD.

I bet ABC Execs agree GOOGLE SUCKS.

While Google can sure re-brand their holding company into ALPHABET whatever, the fact they are using is a gross TM violation on ABC’s long established TM right to that name.

Google is not ABC and for another company to cyber-squat so brazenly on another public companies TM shows either how arrogant the execs at Google are or how stupid these mental midgets really are.

Google has major problems, they face huge lawsuits for allowing scammers to buy PPC ads, the whole PAID FOR CLICK business model is a setup for huge lawsuits soon.

Example Google does almost nothing to verify a professional is licensed such as a doctor or lawyer. So when one of your parents Googles for a doctor for their cancer or tumor, they can and often end up with a fake doctor who has no license or had their license revoked.

UNVERIFIED BUSINESSES is the Achilles heel of all PAID SEARCH business models.

Let’s see who owns VERIFIED BUSINESS SEARCH .com, why it’s 1 SEARCH the future of search since it’s a NON PROFIT search model where a business must be VERIFIED to even get in serps.

1 SEARCH has many city targeted search engines, another major step forward in the evolution of SEARCH ENGINES.

A city level search engine can be way more relevant to users than a giant like Google can ever be. Google may know it’s part of the USA very well where all their execs and workers live, but for Google to try to maintain accurate and relevant information about things like restaurants and night clubs in cities they are not located in is a joke.

1 SEARCH is being built from the ground up with a vast network of city level editors to operate local GEO search portals in their vast GEO targeted search network. Examples are:

1 New York City

1 Los Angeles

1 Miami

1 London


A small lean editorial team working in major markets can easily help brand such GEO search portals. Just doing a few events with a top radio and news station offering them anchor spots on the local SE and then doing events at top night clubs where patrons are exposed to hot young girls walking around with their iPhones showing off the easy 1 button search for that City on that Cities 1 City Name app.

That’s the future of search, fragmenting it down to the City level where an editorial team selects the top local stories and the top companies and there’s no PPC ADS.

Plus users can get their name at their 1 city name portal easily.

Why be

You can be JohnSmith@1cityname.tld

So in the future NO PPC ADS and VERIFIED BUSINESSES and grass roots editorial teams will make the next big SE not one big site, but lots of little GEO targeted sites and that level of editorial control can make the whole search experience especially for local companies and events a much better experience than anything Google could ever do with a single GEO centered public corporation compared to hundreds of GEO editorial teams that actually live, work and play in the city they run for 1 SEARCH.

1 SEARCH is coming for you Google and you will fall…




Dr. Sol Adoni

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