32 Ancient Ice Age Cave Symbols Pictographs of Animal Sounds

Dr. Sol Adoni

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32 Ancient Ice Age Cave Symbols

Pictographs of Animal Sounds

Dr. Sol Adoni PhD


I finally had some time to do a paper on what the 32 Cave Symbols cataloged by Genevieve von Petzinger are.


32 Ice Age Cave Symbols
32 Ice Age Cave Symbols

Almost 30 years ago I theorized the early Hebrew characters for early Canaanite were simple pictographs of movements made by the human mouth forming sounds.

Example the early Aleph is a sideways letter A which is the form your mouth makes if you say the letter Aleph.


Early Canaanite Characters
Early Canaanite Characters

The left side of your mouth compresses, the right side opens your tongue makes a straight line top to bottom.

The Canaanite He or letter H is the position of the top and bottom lips and the tongue and the movement of the mouth as a human says HE.

Cave Art and rock art appears all over the world not just in Europe. Over the years, I’ve written about how flying saucers and the so-called ‘Grey Aliens’ appear all over the world in rock art that is tens of thousands of years old in my books about the UFO phenomena, a phenomena the US Government recently admitted is REAL.

The okra blown hand symbols have a clear meaning to me. This cave is safe for humans to dwell in.

Think of a Motel Sign today saying a place to rest.

The 32 Symbols cataloged by Von Pretzinger are Pictographs. The squiggly line is most likely a snake. Fluting symbols are running water, perhaps meaning it’s safe to drink water near the cave. Most of the other symbols are Pictographs of shapes a human mouth makes when a human tries to create sounds made by a animal.

The heart symbol of the 32 cave symbols or cordiform represents the meow of a cat. Make a meow sound. Your upper lip forms two mounds while your lower lip comes to a point.

So once again my theory of early communication using movements of the mouth is shown to create the sounds the symbols can make by a human.

The numeral 1 symbol or claviform may in fact just be a bark a dog makes.

The Aviform symbol is not a bird, it is the shape a human mouth makes if they try to imitate a bears or lions roar.  Most likely it was bears in Europe but in African Caves it could mean beware LIONS in area.

Cave Symbols have now been dated to over 65,000 years old meaning they were created by Neanderthals and not Homo Sapiens. They are a clear language of symbols to convey information to others what animals are near the cave.

Think of cave art as early social media, the humans would say with a hand print, safe for humans. Then say we have this or that animal in this area to hunt.

Humans are social creatures and the cave symbols are the earliest example of written symbols to mean something.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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