26 Year Old Chick ARGUES She’s not too OLD for me

Dr. Sol Adoni

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So I’m out in a club with a client and some hot 26 year old super hard body chick comes over to me.

As soon as she says boo, I say, “How are you baby?” She says 26.

I say you see that phone there, there’s over 1,000 chicks on it and not one is over 22. Her jaw drops and she says “So I’m too OLD for you?”

I say, “Look, it is what it is, see all these guys here, I’m sure they want to talk to you, I don’t, I have enough time in a year to get with all these young gorgous girls on my phone now and a 26 year old sure isn’t getting on it.”

For TEN MINUTES the chick stands there arguing with me she’s not too OLD for me.

My client is rolling on the floor. He says when she finally leaves, “Wow you were nice out the gate you say 26, sorry my cutoff is 22 and she refused to listen and just say F Off or good bye”. Instead the chick took ten minutes out of her life to try to sell me on the virtues of 26 year old pussy.

Her best line is you can talk to a 26 year old woman about stuff, don’t you want mental stimulation. I say, “I have a wall full of doctorates and wrote over 100 books, NO ONE is gonna stimulate me mentally, if I want mental stimulation I’ll go write another book or create a song or solve some deep math or physics question ON MY OWN, no human is going to give me mental stimulation.”

She says, “You just want them for their young bodies ,” and I say yep and they want me for my wallet just like a 26 or 36 year old is going to want it too. Plus the only reason I need a woman is to get 7 inches deep and blow a load, it’s SEX and that’s it.”

Why a chick couldn’t just take the hint and leave me the fuck alone I don’t know, but when a dude says he doesn’t like your type of hair, or your type of body or the color of your skin or whatever he instantly says he DOESN’T LIKE including your age you should leave him alone, just leave him the fuck alone.

There’s 50 chicks in a club like this and tons of dude, so go find someone that likes what you got. Plus 25 is a sharp divide I’m not the first one to coin the phrase THE WRONG SIDE OF 25. I just think 22 is a better divide.

Mental stimulation from a woman, that’s hilarious.


Dr. Sol Adoni

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