1000 German Females ATTACKED by Arabs and African Males

Dr. Sol Adoni

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The people of Cologne Germany are reeling from what police think was an ‘organized’ attack upon German Females in Cologne and Hamburg on New Years Eve.

The attacks were done by some of the wave of refugee and immigrant males from MUSLIM countries.

Welcome to the 7th Century THIS IS HOW many nations that are Islamic TREAT WOMEN. If you don’t hide behind a Berka you are a loose western woman and you need to be attacked and harassed, that is the mindset of many Muslim males in countries where the disease of Islam is almost 100% engaged.

I remember my father who spent a couple of years in Saudi Arabia in the 1960’s for IBM computerizing ARAMCO, speaking about his time in Saudi Arabia. He witnessed criminal having their right hand cut off for stealing minor items and as he explained it, that meant death to many of the poor since the poor used their left hand to wipe their asses with sand when they defecated. The loss of the right hand meant a poor person that existed from eating out of community bowls of food for the poor would starve unless someone fed them since only the right hand was allowed into the community food bowl due to the left hand being how you wiped your ass.

He also spoke of seeing public stonings and public beheadings, Saudi Arabia was a brutal place and they wouldn’t even let the American workers for IBM have beer.

In many parts of the world where Islam is in almost 100% control of a nation, you have brutal and barbaric males that are taught that western females are all whores since they don’t run around in a Berka and prostrate themselves 5 times a day by banging their heads on the floor praising Allah.

Now the European nations have let millions of Muslim immigrants flood into Europe and this is the new Europe, where gangs of Muslim males will organize and rape or sexually assault and robe European Females parading around in provocative clothes and wearing makeup that hardcore Muslims find to be that of a trollop.

Islam does not assimilate with the West, just look at nations where Islam has gotten control, they are almost 100% Islamic.

That means it’s bow to Allah or get your head cut off.

Sure you have ‘good Muslims’ but the Nations in turmoil that are creating refugee problems all over Euro[e are ISLAMIC NATIONS and this is how Muslim males threat Western females, they think they are all whores and should be raped and abused.

Welcome to 2016 and the future of Europe.

I personally think Donald Trump Sucks is an asshole and a self promoter who has bankrupted many companies over the years, but his take on Islam is correct, anyone coming to the US of A from a Islamic country should be told go back to Mecca and Allah we don’t need 7th Century minds inside the USA. See TRUMP SUCKS.

Now in my opinion every Mosque, Temple and Church should be burned down, since anyone that embraces the toxic teachings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are mentally ill and should get therapy where they learn their books were written by men and not God and the writings are no longer relevant today since they all teach hatred of disbelievers. All major Western religions are not based on truth and all of them preach hatred of non-believers.

Every time some moron Jehovah Witness knocks on my door I say there is no god and there is no hell, but if there was a god, you’re LOOKING AT HIM and they run away.

My belief is simple the creator force of the universe dwells inside all living things, every living thing has a piece of it, so all life is part of the Creator, now I don’t use the word GOD since God is DOG backwards and while I may be a Dog in regards to how I treat females at this point in my life, they have very little use to me other than if they are 18 to 22 and want to spend my money in exchange for hanging out and having some recreational sex.

I have my kids, all boys THANK GOD, and I don’t need a chick to procreate with, my friends are all older males that do stuff I do, play golf, smoke cigars and hang out once in a while where young girls interested in spending an older mans money hang out, you know Adult Nightclubs.

Now in my youth as a man I had ownership in many companies and some were Adult Nightclubs so my view of females became jaded, given the circumstances any female could easily resort to just selling her money maker, those that don’t had the fortune to not have to do it, but you put any young beautiful female into a situation where her back is up against the wall, that’s her life line, her body and the fact that older men will pay her to use it for a while.

Sure some guys act like they bought the BULLSHIT about soul mates and loves of their lives, LOL, I didn’t buy it. If I venture out to where younger people or older people hang out looking to socialize I’m quickly surrounded by many females the reason is simple I’m truly psychic and a few minutes talking to some chick from 18 to 80 and I’ve given her all the details of her life that no one knows but she and me.

So their friends end up wanting the Psychic Master to read them and when I start to show these females my bag of tricks that include crystals to help females masturbate and I’m a sexual guru that teaches females the art of OMGASMS I have no problem finding females wanting to learn the art of Orgasm from a sexual guru.

However, for the last decade I have no interest in females over 25 and most that I spend time with teaching them the art of OMGASMS are now only 18 to around 22. After 22 years of age most females IN MY OPINION have too much karmic baggage to even be with for more than 5 minutes.

Give me young and dumb.

I have literally 1000 females on my phone and every one of them got on it due to fitting my requirements, long hair, beautiful and 18 to 22.

So when I meet older females in public and they become amazed by my psychic energy and my blunt statement look one of my books is all about teaching females how to CUM, they often say let’s hook up or whatever and I say see this phone baby as I rifle through my contact list, here’s over 1,000 females and everyone of them was 18 to 22 when they got on my phone, that’s the only age range I PLAY WITH and teach how to cum.

Am I a misogynist? Sure I am, but I honestly have no time or energy to devote so much wasted energy to one female. When I was younger and making children I had a wife and for over 10 years I never looked at another female, so while 70% of men cheat on their wives I didn’t,

But now females cheat as much as men do, so when my wife got bored due to me constantly writing one of the over 100 books I’ve written in my life, she got into drugs due to hanging out with her loser friends and she ended up cheating on me, and that ended my trust with female species.

Now I’m the happiest guy I know, I’m single, famous and have some dough so females of all ages FLOCK TO ME like moths to a flame only this flame tells the ones over 22 look somewhere else you are too old to make me interested in you.

I don’t want a serious relationship with a female at this stage in my life and I have way too many fun relationships with young females to even handle them all.

Now my male friends, most have been friends of mine for many years and some were clients that became friends and we share the same interests and almost most of them are now single, they had wives and they had kids and now they’re grown and the split with their wives for various reasons.

Most of us own our own companies, most of us golf and most of us smoke nasty cigars that some females just hate.

Now most of my male friends still cling to the illusion of ‘love’ and they have a ‘girlfriend’ or two and most of the females they parade around as GF’s are well younger than them, but most of their GF’s are in their 30’s and some even in their 40’s and every friend of mine that has a GF is always bitching she’s worse than their ex-wife.

Anyway, as I look back on my life, I wouldn’t change one thing, it was meant to be every step of the way, I believe every step in our Journey was programmed by ourselves in another dimension and my journey is such I do not need a wife and haven’t had one for over 10 years now.

If you think our journey NEEDS a female companion go get one but 70% of all marriages in the USA end up in divorce and the other 30% end up with people so distant from each other it’s hardly a marriage.

You see people in their senior years walking and holding hands and cuddling, guess what they met not long ago and they still believe in love and romance, good for them.

Now recently I went out with a girl in public to a book store and then we went for ice cream at the store next to it, we were laughing and holding each other and she was laying her head on my shoulder and the young girl serving us said, you two are the happiest couple I’ve ever seen. I corrected her and said, sorry we’re not a couple we just have great sex together and see who we want.

I can have FUN with anyone, but I choose to not waste my energy on females over 25 since by then any human has a closed mind, they learned what they were meant to learn and they’re not that open to exploring new ideas that I’m into and a teacher of such as ancient meditation techniques that can be used for things such as Astral Travel and ORGASMS only I call them OMGASMS.

Now if you don’t believe me, here’s a book I wrote under one of my many pen names, it is titled OMGASMS .


Yes I use it as a TOOL when I meet females to turn any conversation into a sexual one IF I WANT.

I say up front I’m a SEXUAL GURU and I teach females how to have ORGASMS. I say READ MY BOOK and if the female is beautiful and aged 18 to 25 (now usually no more than 22) I say I give FREE LESSONS if they want to get FUCKED better than anyone has ever done them.

Now why should I waste my time on chicks over 25 that are so screwed up by then from having bad sexual relationships that their sexual karma would take way too much energy to dismantle.

Give me young and beautiful 18 to 22 and I can teach that female easily how to orgasm with ancient meditation techniques.

Now don’t get me wrong guys, when you’re young and still in the age when you have the desire to recreate and have kids, go find a wife and the chances are you or her or both will CHEAT on each other.

Then what? You can make the same mistake over and over and end up lots of wives, or just let all the females you were meant to meet come into your world for a short fun sexual encounter.

You want friends who got your back, find a few friends of your own sex, don’t rely on the other sex to have your back if you ever need them.

Now since most men don’t have GAME and they can’t pick up chicks with ease as I have all my life, I even wrote a book for you sad excuses of manhood.


How to Pickup Book
How to Pickup Book

Guys, you need to get some GAME and develop a REP.

My rep is I’ve been with a lot of females and most were young and beautiful interested in learning ancient meditation techniques to enhance their ORGASMS.

So what if I prefer more open younger minds, I don’t look for any females that are underage and the females in the 18 to 25 age range just seem to gravitate towards me, the reason is I still give a lot of sexual energy and when I take a younger beautiful female out into the public arena there are many young female waitresses that wait on me and they see how someone in their age range is having a blast laughing with an older man so they often make moves to learn WHO THE FUCK I AM.

I then show them a book cover see OMGASMS I wrote it.

Some take the bait and are my next student in life and others say they already know how to orgasm but thanks for the offer.

Now if you’re a female over 25 you are saying to yourself what a sick old man. I’m not that old compared to many of my friends that run the age range of 55 to over 80, I’m only 55 and I look way younger than that.

I’m up front with females I meet, I tell them all that teach beautiful young females how to have meditative ORGASMS using the drugs in their MIND not the drugs that many use from pharmacy companies now.

Sure I could spend all day in bed with female after female if I wanted to and if I have to exert my own sexual energy on a female to help them learn to orgasm properly, but why should I waste it on older females that I’m really not attracted to.

I have enough money so an older female can’t pay me to teach them what I know, and the ones I’m willing to teach my art of OMGASMS to for FREE are females still in the age range that I enjoy looking at, young females that don’t have years of karma in their way that are at least 18 and no more than 25 and the last few years I cut the top end number to no more than 22.

Call me a dirty old man, whatever.

I don’t give a FUCK, it’s why I wrote this article.


I can look in the mirror and smile, my books have bought wisdom to many on earth in many areas of knowledge and the book that gives me the most fun is the book I devoted to females all over the world, OMGASMS.

I am not a monogamist, I have no desire to have plural wives and if I give any female some of my valuable time, it’s only due to the fact that she was PROGRAMMED to give me some time and make me laugh and enjoy the sexual experiences we share.


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