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1 MEDIA Network

Enters Affiliate Marketing


Make $1,000 TODAY

So I decided it was time to do my last huge job before I retire to my mountain in Brazil and my Tobacco Farm.

There are now over 300 Business Portals in the Powerhouse 1MEDIA Network.

We also have local city search portals in the group.

Most of the Business Portals are keywords I owned for years that have clients on them and tons of content and hundreds of the Portals are major social media connected accounts.

The business model is simple, 1 lucky business in any city can be the exclusive client on a business keyword portal for their industry and they get my IT gurus to help them take over the market they are in using my assets.

Every city portal can also have 1 lucky business client on literally hundreds of business terms.

The benefits they get are:

1. High QS scores so PPC cost is way cheaper on my portals. Google loves my keywords, fast network and great content. So that translates into huge savings for clients on expensive PPC business terms.

2. I supply high response content that gets huge response ratios. I get often ten times the response ratios most internet marketing gets, so the ROI for companies is huge.

3. Full blown IT department helping that lucking company. A company would need over 1 Million in gurus a year to do what my crew does.

4. The fastest business network in the world is my cloud and SPEED is King in PPC and SEO and for maximizing ROI on IM.

So now the dozens of affiliate marketing groups on Facebook will start to see my staff posting info about 1 MEDIA and how affiliates can make $1000 to $2000 for each new client.

In the network is also an affiliate program for all my books over 100 of them now sold exclusively through 1 eBooks.

A 200 buck how to business book earns an affiliate $50 bucks or 25%.

Then 1 Bartering which uses the digital currency I created called BIZbytes has an affiliate program.

My natural organic lab has an affiliate program for all my products.

I might market Sollog books and readings through affiliates also.

Then there’s that Cayman Islands Bitcoin casino I’m part of with an affiliate program.

So my work the past 22 years is now about to explode on the world business scene as hundreds and then thousands of affiliates join what will soon become the greatest business  affiliate network ever created.

Forbes and Wall Street Journal here I come.

I’m KING of the Universe!

Join Page One Affiliate Program here, it the main marketing company 1 Media uses to sell to businesses and professionals.

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Dr. Sol Adoni

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