#1 Barter Exchange launches BizBytes Digital Currency

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1 Bartering
1 Bartering

#1 Barter Exchange launches BizBytes Digital Currency

So, May 1st 2017 millions of Bibles around the world were supernaturally altered so the word Messiah was erased totally in many famous Bible versions and almost completely in the rest. Considering the word was in hundreds of verses, you think some of the DNA puppet humans would have noticed it. They didn’t, so now I created my own Digital Currency that will make me the richest human in history.

I did warn of the Messiah Erased event, but humans don’t give a shit about God, so now I created what will become one of the largest currency units in world history.

It’s called BIZBytes, and I created it in my AI Think Tank HelixQ.

If you heard of Bitcoins, the digital currency project I outed years ago as an NSA Project, then you know how millions of idiots love Bitcoins which really has no value other than some people think its a new currency, which it is not.

I’m in South Florida and my Network has taken Bitcoins since it was 5 bucks a coin and I can search all day in Florida and I can’t find one merchant that will take Bitcoins.

So if businesses don’t accept a currency. well that currency has no real value.

I created a huge Network of Business Portals on the Net since 1995, and before that I created software companies that made niche software for many industries such as the automotive industry, legal and medical industries.

My 1 Media brand operates hundreds of portals, some for consumers and most for businesses in the biggest industries in the world.

My Network gets millions of users each month, and now in just a couple of weeks I’ve gotten dozens of South Florida businesses to agree to accept my new digital currency. So I can now go to local restaurants, auto shops and doctors and use my digital currency wallet and those companies that take my currency are all members of what will soon become the #1 Barter Exchange in the world. They belong to the barter  hub that helps them spend my digital currency.

It’s what Bitcoin has failed to develop n almost a decade, a network of merchants that take the currency and I did it in South Florida in a couple of short weeks.

Bitcoin is now almost unusable due to the long time it takes the decentralized currency network to verify a transaction.

My Network features NO TRANSACTION FEES and it is an instant centralized transfer, where logs are maintained in the event an account is ever hacked. That’s another reason Bitcoins have no local businesses willing to take the speculative coin that almost touched the $3,000 value range before the coin dropped 20% in a day.

BIZBytes are not a speculators currency, its just a new way for business owners to do what businesses have done since the first businesses ever traded something of value in commerce.

Millennia ago, humans started to trade goods and then services and eventually trade centers started using items such as gold and silver in place of chickens for bread or meats.

Fiat currencies then evolved into scripts and the Knights Templar’s are usually credited with being the first quasi bank network with drafts or checks so people could travel and not take a trunk filled with gold or silver on dangerous trips across trade routes.

The last few centuries saw kingdoms and nations create our modern fiat currency system that has moved to a digital currency system controlled by the global banking elites.

Modern currency has value because humans agree to use it in commerce. Many people now work for nothing but digital credits stored on global banking networks.

They use plastic cards with digital chips to move almost 100 trillion dollars a year in our global world currency system.

Well, BIZBytes use digital wallets and right now its a LEGAL PRIVATE BARTER EXCHANGE that keeps the records of what a business owns on the Network.

Before I launched my private Trade Network, I made sure it met the legal hurdles as to what a private barter network could do legally.

Even US Federal Code allows a private Barter Exchange to create scripts and vouchers for its members.

Well, I created digital wallets and I used the huge 1 Media Network I created with hundreds of Business Portals to fuel it by making 1 Media adopt my new digital currency as the digital bytes my digial empire of business portals trades with.

In just a couple of weeks my Beta test market in South Florida has proven that my BIZBytes digital currency is a huge success. I can now easily use my new currency to buy restaurant meals, auto services, doctor visits and even flowers. All from local merchants that will never take bitcoins since its a quasi digital currency invented by the NSA with pure bullshit, a faceless Satoshi Nakamoto a person no one has ever meant with a fake name that translates into center of intelligence in Japanese a funny way for the NSA to point to the CIA as the creator of Bitcoin.

Any business anywhere in the world can join the BIZBytes network and barter at 1 Bartering .com.

I created it and I’m using the power of my huge 1 Media Business Network of sites to brand it. 1 Media operates:

1 Search

1 Business

1 News

1 Music

1 Movies

1 eBooks

1 Hotel

1 Restaurants

1 Lawyer

1 Doctor

1 Dentists

1 Mechanics

1 Contractors

Those are just some of my Business Portals involved in this project that will become a major part of the Global economy, since businesses have shown in South Florida they are willing to trust me and 1 Media help them do business with a new barter network using digital wallets to track what a business is worth in the network as to what their bartering wallet is worth.

Will BIZBytes replace fiat currencies? No, it’s just meant to help a local company do business with other local businesses and open up their local company to international business owners who travel to their market.

Could it eventually do 1% of the local or global economy? It sure could and it could happen pretty quickly since the Net moves at a phenomenal growth curve.

I expect the South Florida market to soon have hundreds and then thousands of local companies all using BIZBytes to exchange goods and services.

Then other travel locations will be opened by 1 Bartering in areas such as Orlando, Las Vegas and then major markets such as New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The key business portals to make this work are 1 Hotel and 1 Restaurants. These are where business owners spend thousands a year on vacations. So having hotels and restaurants in major travel markets is a major reason any type of business will want to be a member taking BIZBytes locally to spend on Travel. It’s like what big card companies do with rewards programs.

So local trade is part of the package but an international network of hotels and restaurants in major travel locations will be a major part of why BIZBytes and 1 Bartering Network take off globally.

Eventually international cities of commerce will also follow such as London and Sydney as well as Rome, Paris and Montreal. Every great city people travel to to vacation will be very active in the Network.

After all, 1 Media operates the largest Network of City Search and News Portals already and they include:

1 Fort Lauderdale

1 Palm Beach

1 Miami

1 Orlando

1 Las Vegas

1 New York City

1 Los Angeles

1 Chicago

1 London

The top spenders in most markets are the local business owners and professionals that 1 Media has portals for such as:

1 Lawyer

1 Doctor

1 Dentists

1 Mechanics

1 Contractors

1 Hotel

1 Restaurants


Professionals can create thousands of BIZBytes a month by just devoting a couple of hours a week to helping other members of the Network.

Restaurants can create BIZBytes by supplying meals to members with a food cost of 18% to 22% for most restaurants.

A new member funds a BIZBytes wallet by exchanging fiat currency or items of value to the Network at the rate of 2 BIZBytes for every 1 USD of fiat or trade value.

So BIZBytes are not for speculators or the public to invest in, they were created to fuel a way for local merchants to stop wasting fiat, credit cards and cash on local purchases of goods and services that a barter network can supply for them, so fiat and cash can be spent on better items to grow their business and asset portfolio.

BIZBytes will do millions in trades its first year. Then it will do billions and it could end up doing trillions of dollars all over the world.

The global economy is now almost 100 Trillion dollars a year, and it’s done in an antiquated banking systems using over 100 currencies.

Well BIZBytes is truly the first global digital currency and the 1 Media Network is already pushing out millions of banners a month across the Network making BIZBytes a real life new global digital currency.

Most of the companies I founded over the decades are now taking BIZBytes.

So there you have it, I warned the world over 20 years ago the Messiah Erased event was about to happen, and it did.

Now I’m telling the world, BIZBytes are now a real global barter digital currency and it will soon be used in most areas of the world for barter trades.

If you want to buy any of the 100 plus books I’ve written over the years, you can at 1 eBooks.

If you want to have one of my tech companies give you lightning fast cloud hosting services or use one of my internet design or service companies, they all now l take BIZBytes.

How big will BIZBytes become?

If only .1% of small companies take it, that’s huge. If 1% use BIZBytes then that’s mega billions of dollars a year being exchanged with the digital currency.

A business could easily do tens of thousands a year in BIZBytes trades. So only 1 million businesses with BIZBytes wallets means BILLIONS in BIZBytes trades a year.

The growth curve should be hundreds if not thousands of members the first year, then 1000% plus growth each year.

100 to 1,000 members 1st year

1000% growth for 5 to 10 years.

That’s millions of users in just one decade.

Long live BIZBytes.

The King has created it and blessed it.



Dr. Sol Adoni

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