BEWARE Warrior Forum SCAMS

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BEWARE Warrior Forum SCAMS

So the crew thought they would try some of BULLSHIT stuff that frauds try to sell on Warrior Forum.

Now Warrior Forum has a nice Alexa, and IMO a lot of it is bots, fake, sure they got traffic but not the 10K on this site at this moment that their forum script shows.

Just post something there, in one of the sections with 5,000 people supposedly viewing it, you are lucky to get a few views on your new post. So 3 to 5 views in an hour when they have 5,000 People here all the tme.

Yeah sure.


Then if you are stupid enough to buy any of the alleged IM (Internet Marketing) crap they push, like 10,000 real visitors in one day for 10 bucks, or we will post whatever you want on a PR9 .edu site.

You get scammed and then have to dispute the charges with paypal.

I guess most morons buying from the scammers at WF as they call themselves are too embarassed or just too stupid to complain to paypal.

Now the MORONS using WF usually don’t have access to logs and if they do, they sure as shit can’t read them properly.

They have no clue as how to track a real humans flow through a site or network compared to a robot.

If you want TRAFFIC just BUILD IT. Make content that pops a keyword or a current event and then release it.

Years ago social media was USENET, now it’s a fragmented, Twitter, FB, YT, LI, etc.

Forums are forums and some that are indexed every hour by the big 3 SE’s are still good spots to get a fast track to a SE like Usenet was 20 years ago.

You will not find real traffic on WF for 10 bucks per 10K real humans, as soon as they say REAL and HUMANS in a traffic ad, it’s fake as a 3 dollar bill.


Now some robot scripts aren’t that dumb, they can follow links and act like a human to some degree, but unless you know how real humans flow through your site, you won’t be able to detect bots.

The best part of WF is reading the expert advice by stooges living in their parents basement that if they ever had a job, it was meanial, and if they every made more than 500 a week it was hitting a lottery ticket once for maybe 1K.

Absolute LOSERS IMO.


Oh, another bullshit company just married WF,

A site where morons that can’t do their own marketing prostitute minor tech skills they might have for minor amounts that maybe 3rd world people can live off of. is just a step up from the sewer that is

Now when you pay some 3rd world geek 5 bucks, to do whatever low skill tech skill they might have, or don’t have, they can spend days on say a simple Logo since the living wage in their country is 10 bucks a week.

Yep didn’t you know that in countries like Indonesia a living wage is 10 or 12 bucks A WEEK.

And they have computers and the internet there and 3rd world nations like China and India now pool out lots of menial tech bullshit tasks to sewers of humanity like Indonesia.

So a moron in the USA, Canada or UK goes to WF or even their partner now Free Lancer, they need something minor like 10,000 real people to a site, well a real site with great content and real users would charge a lot for that compared to the scams on WF and FL and 5er.

In fact many of the WF scams use FL or 5er to do the scams they sell.

So the scammers are so stupid they might not even know they are scamming people, since at WF the big deal is finding a low priced ‘service’ or ‘product’ and reselling it.

No once creates shit on WF, it’s a bunch of MLM bullshit.

First one in may make some dough, the rest get burnt selling the pyramid scheme the first one in thought of.


If it sounds too good to be true, guess what it is.

Now a big scam on WF is selling 1K FB Likes for 5 bucks and 1K Twitter Followers for 7 bucks or so.

These are big social metrics used now by morons at Google in Panda and Penguin, geeze the moron Matt Cutts says, there’s a lot of people mentioning this site on FB or Twitter, they must be ok.


Twitter is BULLSHIT


Oh they sell Youtube views as well on WF.

So when you see all these fans, likes and followers, remember they sell this shit for nothing on WF.

The reason, you can buy fake accounts by the thousands from Twitter or Facebook, and yet MORONS still invest in this bullshit companies that can’t sell ads properly.

The net is now 95% ROBOTS.

Traffic is BULLSHIT.

Results, show me results.



Sol Adoni Books
Sol Adoni Books

Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos

The Pontifications of Dr. Sol Adoni

Media Requests

Books by Dr. Sol Adoni

Dr. Sol Adoni

Books - Music - Films - Videos

The Pontifications of Dr. Sol Adoni

Media Requests

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