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Do not do any business with Random House and their CEO Markus Dohle needs to be FIRED since his company can now be SUED for massive FRAUD by what I’m about to explain.

Bottom line is Random House is committing MASSIVE FRAUD an I will prove that here.

Background, the group of companies I created decades ago now has a lot of traffic for book buyers mostly ebook buyers since we operate sites such as 1 eBooks. We sell Adoni Publishing books across our network and we can even sell any publishers book via agreements with Amazon and BN, both companies I have no love for.

So 1 eBooks is creating a new eBook distribution channel just for PUBLISHERS we can send direct traffic to publishers and bypass Amazon and BN.

So we need to be PAID by Publishers and they can join our network and the money they pay to be on our netwwork gets reinvested right back into buying more traffic than we already have. In other words Adoni is crreating the new distribution channel to make fees for listing publishers books, its branding 1 ebooks to become a major portal for ebooks.

Well reps of Adoni got no where trying to reach the clown at Random House Matt Schwartz that runs the digital division of RH for another clown that should be fired by his board who is Markus Dohle.

So RH pushed Adoni to join a 3rd party to track traffic for potential sales that Adoni creates for  RH through affilate links, so these clowns running RH force people to go to a 3rd party and join as an affiliate and guess what clowns, when a potential traffic supplier are saying let’s hookup RH and you clowns send them to another site where they then can JOIN ANY COMPANY on that site, do you now know what I’m calling you a CLOWN Markus, we were hot and heavy to jump into bed with RH and with 1 eBooks and 1 Book Review we can send any publisher a ton of traffic.

Now Markus FIRE the clown Matt Schwartz what never even returned a damn phone call to the guys I got establishing direct deals with publishing companies. The original idea was charge a nominal per book fee and then use 95% of that fee to brand out 1 ebooks and 1 book review for all publishers to enjoy and bypass Amazon and BN, in other words make these the new book portals to feed publishers DIRECT.

Plus these Adoni sites will be the only indexed book sites on the huge 1 Search Project which will soon have a nice segment of all search traffic.

In other Markus you CLOWN you could have had a lot of potential sales from our sites and your personal CLOWN Matt Schwartz never even returned calls.

So clown our guys looked at your crappy site and found the way you are trying to find affiliates and listen up BOARD OF RH you need to fire this moron Markus Dohle due to this FACT, so a potential TRAFFIC PROVIDER thinks they and RH may be a fit, your lower clown in charge of new Digital relationships won’t even return a call, FIRE HIM, then the big clown Markus Dohle has decided to push potential TRAFFIC SUPPLIERS interested in doing business with RH not to their own affilate system but to another company. That company then has to approve them and then that company OFFERS a big traffic supplier lots of other companies to JOIN, so you see Markus why I call you a CLOWN and say you should be fired, you are pushing traffic sites to join another program and then they can forget all about your crappy 8% commissions and go with better affiliate programs.

So Markus YOU ARE CLUELESS about the Net and I’m calling you out publicly on how stupid you are.

Just read what I wrote above a few times and then it sinks in, this is RH’s method to find affiliates.

a. Potential Affiliate sees RH uses 3rd party

b. Potential Affiliate is forced to join 3rd party and then has many choices paying way more than 8% commissions.

c. Potential Affiliate then must contact RH to get approved after they have been approved by the 3rd party to put links on their network.

Now here is THE FRAUD, so you want to create a custom LINK to a book on RH, you then use the 3rd partys html link builder and it produces a code and then you put that code on your network and when you end up clicking the link you are on the RH site on the book.

Now here is YOUR FRAUD Markus that your dumb ass assistant brushed me off to today when I spoke to her which was hard to even get to her.

Her own words Markus willl not speak to me, okay asshole now I’m outing you for FRAUD and being a fucking MORON.

Who am I? When you are nothing but dust Markus my name will be known in the future, I created HelixQ the language AI computers will use soon, I discovered the 30 Mod prime algorithm that rewrote all math books and I discovered the Planetary Distance Formula that NASA now uses to locate distant planets.

I have a wall full of honorary doctorates, I’m probably getting two nobel prizes and I have more intelligence in a dead toe nail clipping than you have in your entire brain Markus you are a clown that should be FIRED.

So now any affilate with RH you are being ripped off if you use custom links since RH or the 3rd party they use WIPES THE REFER code of the affilate when you sent Markus the clown any traffic. I saw it immediately so I have no damages yet since unlike most companies we understand affiliates and refer codes and when a company says they can track affilates and that link ends up on a page with the refer wiped well THAT IS FRAUD MARKUS and I told your assistant to get your clown ass on the phone since I’m really retired and have people that do this shit but your company not returning phone calls to my company made me out your dirty laundry you big fucking dummy.

Now when anyone looks up your name Markus they will see me calling you a clown.

Markus Dohle Clown

Markus Dohle Asshole

Markus Dohle Thief

Markus Dohle Sucks

Markus Dohle Jerkoff

Random House Sucks

Random House Scam

Random House Thief

Random House Ripoff

Now maybe I will SUE Random House in an international court for wasting weeks of our time forcing us to join 3rd parties and then go through approval processes and then end up with a SCAM AFFILIATE PROGRAM that rips off affilates.

Oh, do you know Markus that even your 3rd party WARNS their affilates about RH since you are what they call a LOW FUNDS merchant and are about to be removed from their network since you do not have a properly FUNDED affilate program.

Here’s the PROOF Markus what I’m saying is 100% truth so sue me bitch for saying my opinion and backing it up with FACTS, this is how stupid you are and how stupid RH is for having you run their ship, look at your own rating with your 3rd party THEY WARN YOU ARE LOW FUNDS, are you guys that broke you can’t even fund the affiliate program you clowns are using.

Face it Markus you are scamming your shareholders into thinking you have an affilate program, it’s a SCAM and now you’re exposed.


Ask your lawyers Markus if I libeled you, I didn’t, my opinion of Markus Dohle is he he is a clown and he sucks and he is an asshole all protected FREEDOM OF SPEECH remarks.

Now is RH a scam, it is, I have the links to prove when my network sends them traffic to BUY BOOKS they wipe off or their 3rd party wipes off my refer code that means I won’t get paid so IN MY OPINION RH and their whole affiliate system is a SCAM and it is FRAUD and that’s why I say RANDOM HOUSE SUCKS and RANDOM HOUSE FRAUD.

So Markus now you know who I AM and your staff has my direct phone number CALL ME NOW YOU FUCKING PUSSY to apologize for the stupid shit your company is doing to other companies.

I don’t need RH Markus YOU NEED ME, I have a nice catalog of books to sell, and I can use working affiate relationships with the usual bandits like Amazon and BN to sell your books IF I CHOOSE TO SELL THEM.

Yet I tried to reach out to you Markus and now I’m pissing all over you publicly to show you and your board and your shareholders just how fucking stupid you are Markus Dohle.

Dr. Sol Adoni





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