1 eBooks Gaining Traffic

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1 eBooks Gaining Traffic

In the 1990’s 1 eBooks was one of the top portals for eBooks.

In 2005 it was STOLEN from the AIS Domain Name Trust in the  Register Fly Fiasco.

It was recently reacquired by the AIS Domain Name Trust and now it is on a fast track to becoming one of the dominant eBook portals in the world AGAIN.

The USA Alexa for 1 eBooks is now under 100K, once you get to the 100K range on Alexa the ranking is pretty accurate.

That means a lot of ebook users are looking for eBooks again on the 1 eBooks network.

1 eBooks has links to thousands of FREE Classics on its site and also to the daily top 100 lists on sitessuch as Amazon.

1 eBooks is starting to promote the Adoni Publishing cataglog of eBooks that include my Sol Adoni Business Line of eBooks.

1 eBooks is also offering listing accounts to authors and publishers as an alternative to the Big 3 eBook Cartels run by Amazon, BN and Apple.

These eBook Cartels have capped eBook pricing to $9.99 a book, and on 1 eBooks an author or publisher is free to charge what they want for their work, and the authors and publishers sell their titles on their sites and keep 100% of the sale, compared to making only 35% of the sale on the eBook Cartels.

1 eBooks is one of the featured links on the 1 Search Org Project, so over 200 Geo Domains feature a link to promote 1 eBooks on their front door. 1 eBooks is also linked to across many sites that make up the Adoni Network.

1 eBooks also uses numerous EMD (Exact Match Domains) to market its service via search engines where 1 eBooks EMD web sites are on Page 1 for major search terms for the eBook industry.

1 eBooks competes with the big eBook cartels on the major terms in the eBook industry by operating EMD web sites.

1 eBooks is quickly establishing itself as a viable alternative for Publishers and Authors to sell and distribute eBooks.

The webiste for 1 eBooks is




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